Employment Verification - Form I-9

New employees to the University of Pittsburgh must complete the following necessary verifications after accepting an employment offer and bring supporting documents to the Office of Human Resources as soon as possible. Failure to do so will result in suspension from work.

For additional information regarding necessary clearances, please visit the Clearances for Employees & Appointees page, as well as the Faculty Orientation and Staff Post-Orientation pages.

Form I-9: Employment Eligibility Verification

If you did not have the supporting documents for the Form I-9 at Orientation, please bring your original form(s) of ID to the Office of Human Resources as soon as possible. The documentation is due within three working days of your date of hire. Failure to produce the supporting documents will result in suspension from work, up to and including termination. Review these instructions for filling out your Form I-9.

Form I-9 Re-Verification for Current Employees

To continue employment past your original work authorization date, your work authorization status must be re-verified through the University's electronic Form I-9 system. This must be completed before or by the date of work authorization expiration. Form I-9 re-verification is performed by the Office of Human Resources in partnership with the Payroll Department and the Office of International Studies (OIS).

Please note: A re-verification does not require a new Form I-9 to be started. 

For questions or to inquire further about the Form I-9 re-verification process, please contact the Office of Human Resources by submitting an online inquiry.

If your work authorization status is changing from Non-Immigrant to Permanent Resident or from Permanent Resident to U.S. Citizen, you must notify the Payroll Department by submitting a copy of your Permanent Resident Card or other work authorization documentation used for the I-9 change through their secure site.

Virtual Form I-9 Processing and Verifications

Due to the emergency period, OHR has implemented an online scheduling process for Form I-9 verifications. All Form I-9 verifications are being completed virtually during this time.

If you need to have a Form I-9 processed, please schedule an appointment online.