Training Programs

At the University of Pittsburgh, we encourage you to complete computer-based interactive training programs. You may also access these trainings through and searching for "Clearances."

These trainings must be completed within your provisional period:


PRISM TRKS (Time Record Keeping System) is the University's automated time and attendance system. Employee training for PRISM TRKS is computer-based and is available on the website. The system can be used to record hours worked and overtime, as well as used to change benefits elections, access Payroll, and complete training programs. Visit this page to learn how to sign into PRISM TRKS and explore helpful links.

Professional Development

The University offers many options for employees to advance their professional development or further their skill set through the Faculty & Staff Development Program (FSDP). Learn more about professional development programs available to faculty, staff, and managers, as well as other University training resources.

Tech Instruction from CSSD

Computer Services and Systems Development (CSSD) provides a wide variety of educational resources to help University students, faculty, and staff become more proficient with computing resources and applications to facilitate academic and job productivity.