At Pitt, we maintain and administer a compensation program that attracts, rewards, and retains a well-qualified workforce. The Compensation department is accountable for reviewing and maintaining the Staff Classification System and the University’s pay structure. Compensation also develops strategies to assist in meeting business objectives while being fiscally responsible and compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

In addition to being the foremost authority on wage and salary administration, Compensation also provides tools and resources to managers--helping them make appropriate pay decisions, consult on job design and compensation strategies, writing effective job descriptions, and guidance around time and attendance policies and procedures.

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Staff Classification System

Pitt’s Staff Classification System (SCS) is designed to help attract, retain, and motivate qualified individuals by providing salaries that reflect internal equity, external competitiveness, and individual performance.

SCS establishes:

  • Job Families: a classification system for all classified staff positions within the University, excluding executive-level positions
  • Staff Salary Ranges: a list of pay ranges for each staff position that will result in equitable treatment of employees and assist in attracting and retaining qualified personnel
  • Support for human resources planning through performance review, development programs, and other programs

SCS is determined by the following:

  • job description for each position, which is completed by the supervisor, department head, and division head, and is maintained in a master file by the Office of Human Resources
  • Analysis and classification of positions in accordance with a series of factors which collectively measure qualifications, authority, and responsibility for each position
  • Assignment of classified positions to established pay grades and pay ranges
  • Guidelines and procedures relating to salary administration and other personnel changes
  • A process whereby those in positions covered by this system may request a review, through their supervisor, of their position assignments
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Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a Federal Labor Law that establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, equal pay, record keeping, and child labor standards for employees. The law establishes the tests for determining whether an employee is subject to or exempt from minimum wage and overtime pay requirements. 

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Resources & Policies, Time Keeping, and Pitt Worx

Find information on general University policies in regards to employment statuses, wages, time off, workweeks, and more, as well as time keeping guidelines and information on Pitt Worx, the University's human resources and payroll system.

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