Shared Services

The Office of Human Resources established the Department of Shared Services to improve and streamline the University community’s support experience. The department provides seamless and centralized service to customers of both the Office of Human Resources and the Payroll Department. Shared Services is a cross-functional team with a unified goal to provide the best and most efficient customer service to communities both internal and external to the University.

Shared Services strives to provide a dedicated point of contact to answer questions and assist the community as efficiently and accurately as possible. Learn more about the team, which was formed in late 2019. 

What we support: 

Customer Care for Human Resources and Payroll-related Inquiries

We provide support in all of the functional areas of human resources and payroll. Our team will help answer your questions or ensure that we route the question to the appropriate subject matter experts.

Provide Assistance with Human Resources and Payroll Systems 

Our team is knowledgeable on all areas regarding compliance, regulatory obligations, and other requirements for HR and Payroll systems used at the University and by applicants. 

Drive Operational Excellence 

Shared Services is developing and implementing ERM Service Desk, an enterprise relationship management platform that will create a robust knowledge base to submit and track service requests, access frequently asked questions, and provide insight into the needs and wants of our community, in an effort to provide continual improvement in our support and services.

Have a Question?

Explore the FAQ for the Office of Human Resources for answers to a variety of common questions.