Faculty & Other Academics Orientation

Welcome to Pitt! As you settle into your new position, it’s time to check some things off your to-do list. Here, you’ll find everything you need to consider as a new employee.

Benefits Orientation

At Pitt, we pride ourselves on taking care of you, our employees. As a new academic member of the University community, you have access to a wide range of comprehensive benefits to suit your needs.

Select your employment type to review the benefits available to you, including a recording of an overview of benefits, information about how to enroll, and more:

Pitt Worx

Pitt Worx is the University's human resources and payroll system and is home to time card information, benefits enrollment, and other personal employee details. To access Pitt Worx, search for it on my.pitt.edu and login with your University username and password (via Pitt Passport).

To assist you with navigating Pitt Worx and with completing tasks, such as submitting a time card or updating your home address, you are encouraged to review (and bookmark!) the Pitt Worx Hub. The Hub is home to a variety of reference guides, videos, and news about the system.

Clearances & Training

Whether you are a new member of the University of Pittsburgh community or you are a current employee, it is important that you have the appropriate clearances and training that are required for your position. Learn about any necessary clearances you may need, available training opportunities, and other employment verification requirements as an employee at Pitt.

Online Training Programs

Trainings that must be completed or may be assigned to you within your provisional period include:

  • Discrimination and Harassment Prevention (required of all employees)
  • Preventing Discrimination and Sexual Violence: Title IX, VAWA, and the Clery Act Training
  • Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting (if applicable)

Please note that access to the Preventing Discrimination & Sexual Violence and Discrimination & Harassment Prevention trainings are not available until 7-10 business days after your start date. Learn more about these trainings on the Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion website.

HIPAA Training

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 ("HIPAA") was enacted to protect the privacy and security of health-related personal information. HIPAA requires institutions that store, transmit, and manage personal medical information to have control over the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of this data.

The University has established guidelines for complying with HIPAA and has established specific computer security controls that must be enacted on any University computer system that stores, transmits, or manages HIPAA data. For more information about HIPAA and the University's role, please visit www.pitt.edu/HIPAA.

Child Protection Clearances

As a new member of the University of Pittsburgh community, it is important that you have the appropriate clearances and training that are required for your position. Learn more about the necessary clearances you may need and other employment verification requirements as an employee at Pitt.

In addition to any child protection clearances that may be needed, all employees are required to fill out the Form I-9 after accepting an employment offer with the University. Learn more about completing the Form I-9 or the re-verification process.

Learning & Development

The University offers many options for employees to advance their professional development or further their skill set. Learn more about the Faculty and Staff Development Program (FSDP), technology courses offered through LinkedIn Learning and other University educational resources.

Campus Services and Resources

Faculty Handbook

This Faculty Handbook comprises University policies that directly impact your work as a Pitt faculty member. These include policies about benefits, institutional support and University governance as well as compliance policies and procedures that satisfy federal and Commonwealth laws.

Office of the Provost

Visit the Office of the Provost website for centralized support for faculty, as well as information regarding faculty affairs, development, and diversity.

Payroll Department

Visit the Payroll Department website for information about your pay and related tax information.

Additionally, you are encouraged to review the Employee Self-Service reference guides on the Pitt Worx Hub for information about updating your home address, updating tax information, setting up or changing your direct deposit details, and more.

Emergency Notification System

Pitt’s Emergency Notification System (ENS) keeps the University community updated on all emergency and urgent events on campus; you can subscribe for ENS messages, delivered by SMS text or email, through your My Pitt portal.

Public Safety Awareness Training

This module from the Office of Public Safety & Emergency Management will inform you about best practices in personal safety and how to respond in case of an emergency: Public Safety Awareness Training

Pitt Concern Connection

Together, we are building a culture where everyone feels comfortable raising concerns and asking questions. You can use the Pitt Concern Connection for many ethics and compliance topics, including Title IX, workplace discrimination, the University's response to COVID-19, financial controls, and more. By asking questions and sharing concerns, you help to create a stronger, safer University community.

For more information about the Ethics and Compliance Office, visit compliance.pitt.edu.

To ask a question or make a report, visit pi.tt/concern.

Parking & Transportation Services

Visit the Parking & Transportation Services website for information about the parking and transportation services at Pitt, including commuting options, public transport, and parking services. For information as a new employee, check out this Parking & Transportation Services slidedeck.

Panther Central

Panther Central is your go-to place to obtain your Panther Card, learn about on-campus buses and shuttles available for employees, and more.

Pitt Information Technology

Visit the Pitt Information Technology website for IT services and resources that support learning, teaching, research, and business for faculty, staff, and students at Pitt. For information as a new employee, check out this Pitt IT slidedeck.

Additional tools and resources can be found on the Employee Resources page.

Additional Resources