Benefits Orientation: Part-Time Non-Tenure Stream Faculty, Librarians, Research Associates, and Postdoctoral Associates

Benefits Eligibility

The benefits offerings detailed on this page are for eligible part-time, regular non-tenure stream faculty, librarians, research associates, and postdoctoral associates.

For additional information, please visit the Benefits Eligibility page.

Review of Available Benefits

There are a variety of benefits available to University faculty and staff, including comprehensive health, dental, and vision coverage, education benefits, retirement savings, and more. Review this recording to learn more about the benefits available to you at Pitt, as well as key details and enrollment information.

To review this recording, select the Play button (right-facing arrow/triangle with circle) and enter your name and email. You can also review this recording, along with a transcript, directly via GoToStage.

Enrolling In Your Benefits

As a new hire, you must enroll in benefits coverage within 31 days of your start date. Enrollment takes place in Pitt Worx, the University's human resources and payroll system. The steps that follow can also be found on the Benefits Enrollment Process page.

As a reminder, you can make changes to your elections as often as needed throughout the first 30 days from your start date. Outside of this period, you can only make changes to your benefits elections during the annual Open Enrollment period, held in the spring of each year, or if you experience a life event (qualified status change). The University's plan year runs from July 1 through June 30.

✔ 1. Log In to Pitt Worx via Pitt Passport and Access the Benefits Section

  1. Login to Pitt Worx by visiting and logging in with your University account credentials via Pitt Passport.
  2. On the Me page (the Pitt Worx homepage), select Benefits.
  3. If you need to add new dependents, navigate to People to Cover and follow the steps on this page in section "2. Add Information for Your Dependents/Beneficiaries."
    • Note: If you are adding new dependents, you will also need to upload the appropriate documentation in Document Records prior to making your benefits elections.
  4. If you do not need to add new dependents, select the "Start Enrollment" button and follow the steps on this page in section "Enroll in Your Benefits Elections".

The Panther Gold plan and the Panther Advocate plan meet the J1 Visa status requirements.

Note: If you are adding dependents, you must add them in People to Cover and upload the appropriate documentation in Document Records prior to making your benefits elections. You will not be able to submit changes to your benefits elections (if you wish to enroll them in coverage) if dependents are not added and documentation has not been uploaded.

Need assistance logging in to Pitt Worx? If you have forgotten your University username or password, or if you need to reset your password, learn how on Pitt IT's website.

✔ 2. Add Information for Your Dependents/Beneficiaries

If you are adding dependents, you must add them in People to Cover and upload the appropriate documentation in Document Records prior to making your benefits elections. You will not be able to submit changes to your benefits elections (if you wish to enroll them in coverage) if dependents are not added and documentation has not been uploaded.

If you do not need to add new dependents, please follow the steps on this page in section "3. Enroll in Your Benefits Elections."

Adding a New Dependent and Required Documentation

After selecting People to Cover in the Benefits section of Pitt Worx:

  1. Select the + Add button.
  2. Enter your dependent's information.
  3. After entering and reviewing the information, select the Submit button.
    • The dependent will now be listed in the People section.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3, as necessary, for additional dependents.

After adding your new dependent(s), the appropriate documentation must be uploaded prior to enrolling them in benefits. To add documentation:

  1. From the Benefits section of Pitt Worx, select Document Records (alternatively: navigate to the Pitt Worx homepage, select Benefits from the Me page, and then select Document Records).
  2. On the Document Records page, select the + Add button.
  3. Select the appropriate document type from the Document Type dropdown menu.
  4. Enter the name of the dependent in the Name field and upload the documentation in the Attachments section. Leave the Context Value field blank.
  5. Select the Submit button.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5, as necessary, for each added dependent.

Please note: Certain required documentation must be submitted when adding a dependent. Find a list of required documentation for dependents.

Updating or Removing a Dependent

In People to Cover in the Benefits section of Pitt Worx:

  • If a person needs to be updated, select the dependent's name in the People section, then select the pencil icon to edit the dependent's information.
  • If a person needs to be removed, contact the Benefits Department for assistance by submitting an online request.

✔ 3. Enroll in Your Benefits Elections

If you have added your new dependents and their required documentation, or if you did not need to add new dependents, you are now ready to enroll in your benefits elections!

Please note: Enrollment in the University's retirement savings plan, the MetLife Legal Services benefit, or other PittPerks (voluntary) benefits takes place outside of Pitt Worx. The University's retirement savings plan is managed through TIAA. Learn more about the retirement savings plan. If you wish to enroll in the MetLife Legal Services benefit or in other voluntary services or benefits, you must make these elections directly through PittPerks. Visit to get started.

If you DO want to make changes to your benefits elections:

  1. In the Benefits section of Pitt Worx, select the "Start Enrollment" button.
    • If you are on the homepage of Pitt Worx, select Benefits from the Me page and then select the "Make Changes" button.
  2. Review your dependents listed under People to Cover.
    • If you just added new dependents and their required documentation, they will be listed in the People section.
    • If you do not have any dependents, this section will be blank.
    • If you need to add new dependents, they must be added in People to Cover and their required documentation must be uploaded in Document Records prior to enrolling.
  3. After reviewing your dependents, select the Continue button.
  4. On the Start Enrollment page, review the authorization text, then select the Accept button.
  5. Follow the on-screen directions/prompts to proceed through the enrollment process. For detailed instructions about each election type, please refer to the Benefits Enrollment Process guide on the Pitt Worx Hub (via Pitt Passport).
  6. When you are finished making elections, select the Continue button.
  7. Review your elections and then select the Submit button.
  8. You can then review, print, and/or save the confirmation page with your elections.

Benefits Provisions

Health and welfare plans for faculty and staff, which include medical, dental, vision, life, AD&D, dependent life insurances, and flexible spending accounts, operate on a plan year, which runs from July 1 through June 30.

The effective date of coverage is dependent on your date of hire. Coverage becomes effective the first day of the month following your hire. If you are hired on the first business day of the month, coverage will begin that day.

For additional benefits provisions and information, please visit this page.

Additional Benefits Resources

Premium Collection Overview

Benefits premiums for Health and Welfare coverage are deducted from the employee’s paycheck. These deductions can occur on a pre-tax or after-tax basis depending on the election and employee’s job category. Individuals are responsible for reviewing the benefit deductions and retirement plan contributions on their pay statement for each benefit plan every pay period. If there are any discrepancies, please contact the Benefits Department.

Learn more on the Payroll website:

Employees with less than annual payroll assignments (i.e. 09/09 or 04/04 pay types) are double deducted premiums, January – April, for coverage through August 31 each calendar year. Individuals with insufficient funds to cover the entire cost of the premium through payroll deductions for the May through August time period have the responsibility to pay the amount due in full by May 1.

For more information, please visit the Benefits Provisions page.

Summary Guide to Benefits

Details about your available benefits can be found in an online Summary Guide to Benefits. Visit the Summary Guides to Benefits page to find both flipbook versions and PDF versions of guides based on your employment type.

Health, Dental, and Vision Coverage

More information about the available health and welfare plans is available in the Benefits section. Find plan options, rates, schedules of benefits, summaries of benefits and coverage, and more.

Retirement Savings Plan (Universal Availability)

The University of Pittsburgh provides all employees with the opportunity to save for retirement through supplemental pre-tax and Roth 403(b) after-tax contributions without a University matching contribution. Whether you want to enroll in the plan, or you are already enrolled but wish to change the amount of your deferral, you can accomplish your goal by filling out a “403(b) Salary Reduction Agreement” through the online enrollment system. More information about this opportunity can be found by reviewing the availability notice.


PittPerks is a value-added benefit for the University of Pittsburgh’s faculty and staff. It provides special pricing on a variety of voluntary benefits including auto, home, and pet health insurance, as well as identity theft protection, all through a convenient payroll deduction. Faculty and staff can also obtain University, local, and national discounts on various products and services. These discounts have been negotiated especially for the University of Pittsburgh. Visit the PittPerks website for more information. For more information, please visit the PittPerks page or visit the PittPerks website.

MetLife Legal Services

Provided through PittPerks by MetLife, eligible faculty and staff can enroll in legal plan coverage services for a variety of legal matters, such as real estate matters, family law, document preparation, and more at an affordable monthly rate. Enrollment for legal plan coverage takes place during the Open Enrollment period or new hire enrollment. For more information, please the MetLife Legal Services page.

Travel Assistance & Global Emergency Services

If you encounter a medical emergency while traveling for personal reasons or while on University business, you’re protected worldwide. Available services include doctor referrals, prescription assistance, emergency evacuation, and more. For information about accessing either travel benefit, visit the Coverage While Traveling page.

Additional Information and Resources

As a new member of the Pitt community, there are a variety of other benefits-related resources available to you:

UPMC MyHealth@Work Center

The UPMC MyHealth@Work Center for University of Pittsburgh faculty and staff is an onsite center that treats a variety of health issues. Healthcare professionals at the Center can help you get back to feeling your best, with services like wellness screenings, support for chronic conditions, and online and telephonic resources. Learn more.

Life Solutions

Life Solutions is the University of Pittsburgh's Faculty and Staff Assistance Program that provides a broad range of services to assist University employees and their household members to balance work and the stresses of daily life. Life Solutions offers personalized care services, 24-hour support, online resources and tools, and more, all at no cost to you. Learn more.

Student Loan Assistance

The University of Pittsburgh, in collaboration with TIAA and public benefit company Savi, provides University faculty and staff with assistance in navigating repayment plans and federal student loan programs, such as the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program. Learn more.

Work-Life Balance

To help balance work achievements and life activities, Pitt offers a variety of programs, services, and resources to help our employees attain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Learn more.

Faculty Handbook

This Faculty Handbook comprises University policies that directly impact your work as a Pitt faculty member. These include policies about benefits, institutional support and University governance as well as compliance policies and procedures that satisfy federal and Commonwealth laws. Review the Faculty Handbook.

For additional resources as you begin your new academic role, please refer to the Faculty & Other Academics Orientation page.