Student Employment

Your Go-To Guide to All Things Student Employment!

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First, let’s go over some basics about what Student Employment is.  

As part of the University's Office of Human Resources, the Office of Student Employment (OSE) assists and guides degree-seeking students as they search for an opportunity to supplement their academic pursuits. The Office of Student Employment is located on the first floor of Craig Hall. 

The Office of Student Employment assists students by: 

  • Providing students with access to job opportunities on campus. 
  • Facilitating departmental hiring of students to meet their part-time employment needs. 
  • Familiarizing and educating student employers and employees with the practices and procedures of student employment at the University of Pittsburgh, assuring that all institutional, governmental (state and federal) guidelines and requirements are met. 
  • Ensuring student work assignments are processed accurately and in a timely manner. 

The goals of OSE are:   

  • Exceed our students’ and employers’ expectations for our services. 
  • Assist students in earning money to finance their education. 
  • Broaden students’ classroom education with work skills complementing their course of study. 
  • Educate and assist employers in their role as student supervisors. 
  • Provide administrative support to employers. 
  • Help students refine their unique talents and explore their career options. 

The Office of Student Employment provides job opportunities to all students regardless of sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, race, or creed. 

What’s in it for you?  

  • Flexible Scheduling 
  • A Resume Boost 
  • Real-World Experience 
  • Networking and Mentoring Opportunities 
  • Convenient, on-campus work 

Application Process  

Finding and Applying for Student Employment 

All student positions, including Federal Work-Study eligible jobs, are posted on Talent Center.  Learn more about what to expect from the job search and application process at our Finding and Applying for Student Employment page.  


Onboarding & Onward 


Some onboarding tasks are required regardless of which position you’re applying for and must be completed before your first day of work. Make sure you’ve checked off all your tasks by reviewing our Essential Onboarding Guide. 

Payroll and Timecards 

On the Payroll website, student workers can find an overview of their pay statement, tax information, and more. Students will submit timecards via Pitt Worx, the University's human resources and payroll system. For more information about how to navigate Pitt Worx and report your hours, visit the Pitt Worx website

Student Employment Manual 

Our Student Employment Manual outlines guidelines and procedures set by the University to help you understand eligibility requirements and other expectations that come with your position. To learn more, review the Student Employment Manual