Enrolling in Student Health Coverage

Enrolling in student medical, dental, and vision coverage is simple. Enrollment in coverage is handled through an online service provided by eBenefits, a division of UPMC Health Plan.

For information about your eligibility for enrolling in specific student health plans, visit Student Health Plans. For information on making changes to your benefits elections, visit Changing Your Student Health Insurance.

Please Note: Student coverage does not automatically continue each academic year. Re-enrollment is required every fall to maintain active coverage. All coverage ends 8/31 without re-enrollment.

Questions about student health coverage? For general plan inquiries, contact the University's Benefits Department by calling 833-852-2210 or submit an inquiry online. For enrollment questions, contact UPMC Health Plan by calling 1-888-499-6885.

Enrollment and Coverage Dates for Academic Year 2023 - 2024

2023-24 Fall Enrollment
Fall term, for all eligible students

Enrollment period: August 15 - October 15, 2023
Coverage begins: September 1, 2023
Coverage period: September 1, 2023 - August 31, 2024

2023-24 Spring Enrollment
For new students only

Enrollment period: December 1, 2023 - January 31, 2024
Coverage begins: January 1, 2024
Coverage period: January 1, 2024 - August 31, 2024

Billing Period: September 2023 - August 2024

Payments are due on on the 5th of each month. Autopayments will  be processed on the 5th day of the month the coverage is for (i.e., August 5th payment is for August coverage).

*Note: Graduate students with academic appointments, Fellows and Certificate Trainees (as Defined in University Policy) may have different coverage ending dates depending on their appointment ending dates or graduation date. Please refer to the “Important Dates for Graduate Students with Academic Appointments, Fellows, and Certificate Trainees (as Defined in University Policy)” table on this page.

How to Enroll

  1. Go to my.pitt.edu
  2. Select "Students" from the "Roles" drop-down (located underneath the search bar) if not already selected
  3. Search for "Student Health Insurance"
  4. Find the option for "Student Health Insurance" (eBenefits) and launch the portal, logging in via Pitt Passport if not logged in
    • The portal can also be launched by direct link (select the "Start" button and login via Pitt Passport if not logged in)
  5. Continue through the online enrollment and payment process
    • Payment can be made on a monthly, recurring basis via a credit or debit card or through a checking or savings account

Attesting to Coverage through the eBenefits Portal

There are two options in the eBenefits portal in which you can select when enrolling in coverage:

  1. Attesting to want to enroll in Pitt insurance
  2. Attesting to having other insurance

We reserve the right to place a registration hold on academic accounts for international students that do not take any action. A registration hold will prohibit registration for future classes or graduation. 

Academic Appointments

Graduate students who hold an academic appointment (GSA, GSR, TA, or TF) and Pre-Doctoral Fellows and Certificate Trainees (as defined in University policy) should select the $0.00 payment option for medical coverage.

If this payment option is not available, you should contact your academic department to update the academic appointment info. Enrollment can be completed once the $0 monthly cost medical option is available. 

International Students

International students are required to attest to having other medical insurance coverage or enroll in a University-sponsored program.

To attest to other coverage, an Acknowledgement or Insurance Coverage must be submitted. You will need the insurance company's name, address, and telephone number; the policy or group number; the effective date of coverage; and confirmation that the insurance meets the minimum coverage requirement.

International students must submit their attestation no later than October 15. If attestations are not submitted by October 15, we reserve the right to place a registration hold on your academic account. A registration hold will prohibit registration for future classes or graduation. 

For additional information, please refer to this International Student Guide for Student Health Coverage Enrollment.

Documentation Requirements for Dependents

Supporting documentation must be submitted to eBenefits to cover dependents on your health insurance coverage. Acceptable documentation includes:

Relationship Type

Required Documentation


Marriage Certificate

 Domestic Partner

University approved Affidavit of Domestic Partnership; learn more about the certification of domestic partnership for students.

 Natural Child

Birth Certificate indicating that you are the child's parent. (A verification of birth can be used as a placeholder; however, a birth certificate must be submitted within 61 days of the child's birth.)

Adopted Child

Adoption decree stamped by the circuit clerk. (An adoption placement agreement can be used as a placeholder; however, the adoption decree must be submitted within 61 days of the adoption date.)

Step Child

Birth Certificate indicating your spouse is the child's parent and marriage certificate indicating you are married to the child's parent

Child of Approved Domestic Partner

Birth Certificate indicating your domestic partner is the child's parent and the University approved Affidavit of Domestic Partnership indicating you are in a domestic partnership with the child’s parent.

Disabled Over Age Child

Eligibility will be continued past the age of 26 for dependent children who, as medically certified by a physician, are incapable of self-support due to mental or physical disability, mental illness or a developmental disability that started before age 19. Initial certification with the insurance carriers as well as an annual recertification is required. Please contact carriers with questions.

Legal Guardianship

Court documentation signed by a judge and stamped by the circuit clerk

Adjudicated Child

Judicial Support Order from a judge or a copy of Qualified Medical Support Order with the page that indicates the member must provide health insurance through the employer.

Death of a Dependent

A death certificate is required to remove a dependent from coverage in the case of death.


A Divorce Decree is required to remove a former spouse from coverage in the case of a divorce.

Spouse/Domestic Partner Employment Change

Used to add or remove a spouse/domestic partner due to an employment change. Acceptable documentation includes:

  • A confirmation statement of benefits that outlines coverage, enrollees, and effective start date.
  • A letter from the employer's HR department or insurance company that outlines coverage, covered person(s), and effective start date of coverage.
  • Letter or statement that you/your dependents are newly eligible for state-sponsored coverage.

Important Dates for Graduate Students with Academic Appointments

Appointed Grad Student Scenario Coverage Information and Effective Dates
Graduating fall term Coverage ends December 31; offered COBRA for January 1
Graduating spring term (two-term appointment) $0 premium until August 31; offered COBRA for September 1
Appointment ends fall term, not graduating Student must enroll for continued coverage effect January 1; student is responsible for premium payments effective January 1 through August 31
Appointment begins fall term, ends spring term, not graduating (two-term appointment) $0 premium until coverage ends August 31
Appointment ends before end of spring term, by March 31 or prior Coverage ends month that appointment ends; offered COBRA first month after appointment ends

COBRA Benefits

When your academic position with the University ends, you and your dependents may be eligible to enroll in COBRA if you are no longer enrolled in courses as an active student. For information pertaining to COBRA eligibility, please refer to the COBRA Eligibility section below.  COBRA allows you to continue your current health coverage for a set period of time at a different rate. Please note that these rates are often higher. All plans include a 2% admin fee. 

Current COBRA coverage rates are:


Student Only


Student + Spouse


Student + Child


Student + Children


Student + Spouse & Child


Student + Spouse & Children




Student Only


Student + Child

 $ 33.00 

Student + Children


2 Adults


Student + Family




Student Only


Student + Child $15.06
Student + Children $18.08
2 Adults $15.06
Student + Family $18.08

COBRA Eligibility

The following groups are eligible for COBRA coverage:

  • Appointed Graduate Students (GSR, GSA, TA, TF, Pre-Doc Fellow & Certificate Trainees as defined in University Policy) whose position has terminated and they are no longer enrolled in courses as an active student.
  • Post-Doctoral Fellows and Health Science Fellows whose position has terminated and they are no longer enrolled in courses as an active student.

*Note: Graduate Students without an Appointment and Full-Time Undergraduate students are not eligible for COBRA. Coverage for these students will term at the end of the academic year on August 31st unless they experience a Qualified Life Event.

How to Elect COBRA Coverage

In order to continue coverage for yourself and your qualified dependents, you must complete a continuation election form from UPMC Benefit Management Services within 60 days of the date of the notice or 60 days from the date of termination of coverage, whichever is later. This form will be automatically sent to you when you become eligible. If you mail your election form after this deadline, continuation will be denied.

Your coverage will remain with the same insurance carriers and they will continue to process your claims. Questions regarding coverage should be directed to your insurance carrier.

For additional information, please call Benefit Management Services at 1-888-499-6885.