Enrolling in Student Health Coverage

Enrolling in student medical, dental, and vision coverage is simple. Enrollment in coverage is handled through an online service provided by eBenefits, a division of UPMC Health Plan.

For information about your eligibility for enrolling in specific student health plans, visit Student Health Coverage Eligibility. For information on making changes to your benefits elections, visit Changing Your Student Health Insurance.

How to Enroll

  1. Go to my.pitt.edu
  2. Select "Students" from the "Roles" drop-down (located underneath the search bar) if not already selected
  3. Search for "Student Health Insurance"
  4. Find the option for "Student Health Insurance" (eBenefits) and launch the portal, logging in via Pitt Passport if not logged in
    • The portal can also be launched by direct link (select the "Start" button and login via Pitt Passport if not logged in)
  5. Continue through the online enrollment and payment process
    • Payment can be made on a monthly, recurring basis via a credit or debit card or through a checking or savings account

Attesting to Coverage through the eBenefits Portal

There are three options in the eBenefits portal in which you can select when enrolling in coverage:

  1. Attesting to want to enroll in Pitt insurance
  2. Attesting to having other U.S.-based insurance
  3. Attesting to participate in Flex@Pitt and will remain at home in the U.S. or in home country (if outside of the U.S.), and therefore cannot purchase Pitt insurance or have other U.S. based coverage
    • On this option there is a disclaimer that says that whenever the student returns to campus (whether that is later in the fall term or in the spring term), they MUST attest to having other coverage or must process a life event to enroll in Pitt's coverage

Holds will only be placed on accounts for international students that do not take any action. Those that pick Flex@Pitt will not receive a hold on their account.

Academic Appointments

Graduate students who hold an academic appointment (GSA, GSR, TA, or TF) should select the $0.00 payment option for medical coverage.

If this payment option is not available, you should contact your academic department before proceeding with enrolling.

International Students

International students are required to attest to having other United States-based medical insurance coverage or enroll in a University-sponsored program.

To attest to other coverage, an Acknowledgement or Insurance Coverage must be submitted. You will need the insurance company's name, address, and telephone number; the policy or group number; the effective date of coverage; and confirmation that the insurance meets the minimum coverage requirement.

International students must submit their attestation no later than September 30. If attestations are not submitted by September 30, a hold will be placed on your account.

For additional information, please refer to this International Student Guide for Student Health Coverage Enrollment.