Student Employment Manual

About the Office of Student Employment

As part of the University's Office of Human Resources, the Office of Student Employment (OSE) assists and guides degree-seeking students as they search for an opportunity to supplement their academic pursuits. The OSE is located on the first floor of Craig Hall.

The Office of Student Employment assists students by:

  • Providing students with access to job opportunities on campus
  • Providing departments effective services to facilitate the hiring of students to meet their part-time employment needs
  • Familiarizing and educating student employers and employees with the practices and procedures of student employment at the University of Pittsburgh, assuring that all institutional, governmental (state and federal) guidelines and requirements are met
  • Ensuring student work assignments are processed accurately and in a timely manner

The goals of OSE are to:  

  • Exceed our students’ and employers’ expectations for our services
  • Assist students in earning money to finance their education
  • Broaden students’ classroom education with work skills that will complement their course of study
  • Educate and assist employers in their role as student supervisors
  • Provide administrative support to employers
  • Help students refine their unique talents and explore their career options

The Office of Student Employment provides job opportunities to all students regardless of sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, race, or creed.

Student Employment Manual

Introduction to Student Employment

The Office of Student Employment is responsible for monitoring the non-work study student workforce and administering all aspects of the employment process, including, but not limited to: policy enforcement and interpretation; verifying and processing student employment paperwork initiated by University departments; entering all student employee information into the University's payroll system, and; resolving student payroll problems in a timely and efficient manner.

The OSE is committed to promoting the employment of the University of Pittsburgh students who are registered and taking classes while working towards an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Student Employment Eligibility

General Requirements/Eligibility

In order to be employed throughout the academic year, student employees must have proof of enrollment for at least three (3) credits in an on-going course of study/program at the University of Pittsburgh, such as a validated invoice or term certification. There is no credit requirement during the summer term, provided the student met the enrollment qualification in the spring term.

A student position cannot be changed automatically to a staff position and students cannot be moved automatically into a vacant regular staff position.

Students are covered by Worker’s Compensation and liability insurance but are not eligible to participate in the other fringe benefits established for faculty and staff, including unemployment compensation.

Incoming Students

Incoming freshmen/transfer/graduate students who have proof of registration for the upcoming fall term may be hired for employment during the summer term prior to the beginning of the academic year/fall term.

Certificate Programs

Individuals who are enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh in all certificate programs do not qualify for student employment.

Paid Position Limitations

To be eligible for student employment at the University, students cannot hold both a student worker role and any other assignment in another employment category, such as a certificate trainee position or All-Temps assignment.

Graduate Students Registered for Dissertation/Thesis Credits

During the academic year, graduate students primarily registered for dissertation/thesis credits are not eligible for student employment positions outside of their academic department. Dissertation/thesis students are not enrolled in and do not attend actual courses, and preference must be given to students taking at least three (3) credits of actual coursework. Graduate students holding assistantships throughout the academic year may be paid as student employees by their department during the summer term. Individuals not meeting the above mentioned requirement may still work through the University, but will be paid as temporary workers through All-Temps or through Faculty Records.

Non-Pitt Students

Student employment exists to provide University of Pittsburgh students employment opportunities while attending school. As a result, non-Pitt students are ineligible for student employment at Pitt. Applicants that do not qualify for student employment may still be hired as temporary workers through All-Temps.

Students who drop out of school at the University of Pittsburgh are not eligible for student employment and must be terminated immediately. Students may also have work privileges suspended by the University's Student Conduct office, if actions warrant.

Student employment is not able to offer assistance to children of faculty or staff who are not registered students at the University of Pittsburgh

Students who attend the University through the academic year (fall and/or spring terms) as special students (take courses at the University of Pittsburgh but have them transferred back to their own college/university) are eligible for student employment. Students who attend another college/university through the academic year and take courses at the University of Pittsburgh during the summer term only are not eligible for student employment.

Permitted Number of Working Hours

Regular Academic Year (Fall and Spring Terms)

Eligible students may work no more than 20 hours per week during the active academic year (fall and spring terms). Student Employment tracks hours worked to ensure compliance.

Summer Term, Winter Recess, Spring Recess

Students may work 40 hours per week during the summer term, and during winter and spring recess, as well as during summer break. Student Employment tracks hours worked to ensure compliance.

Permitted Hours with Multiple University Jobs

Generally, student workers are permitted to have more than one (1) job within the University at the same time granted that all jobs fall under the Student Employment category. This includes work-study positions, insofar as the student has sufficient work-study funds. Students with multiple assignments must still comply with the cumulative 20 hours per week limit during the academic year and 40 hours per week during recess and summer term. It is the student’s responsibility to coordinate their schedules with all supervisors so as to not exceed the hour limit, and failure to do so could result in reduction to one assignment.

Student Employment after Graduation

Students who have graduated may continue in their present position as a student employee and work for no more than four (4) months after graduation. April graduates must terminate by August 31; August graduates must terminate by December 31; and December graduates must terminate by April 30. The department must initiate termination on the Employee Record.

Graduated students are subject to all Student Employment policies, except for enrollment requirements. Graduated students are still limited by the weekly hour limitations per semester. If a department wishes to have a graduated student exceed Student Employment hour limitations, they may be hired as temporary workers through All-Temps.

No student may be appointed as a student employee after they have already graduated.

Employing High School Students for Research Experience

High school students who perform services in a laboratory must be paid employees under long-standing policy (University Policy and Procedure 09-09-02). The sections of this policy describing requirements/processes for employing minors have been suspended because they do not reflect the latest child labor law requirements that have been summarized in these guidelines. However, the basic requirement in Policy 09-09-02 that high school students who perform services in laboratories must be paid employees of the University is still consistent with the law, and therefore is still in effect.

Employment is not required for minors who are not performing services, but rather are participating in bona fide educational programs, such as grant funded summer academies or academic camps, which have been registered with the Office of Human Resources and have been designated consistent with the Department of Labor's test in its fact sheet.

For more information, please visit the Employment of Minors page.

Talent Center: Posting or Applying for Positions

Talent Center is the University's recruiting, hiring, and onboarding system. Talent Center offers students the opportunity to view student employment and work-study positions, upload their résumé, view departmental contact information, and apply to positions online. University departments can post their part-time opportunities (from the convenience of their own office) in which thousands of University of Pittsburgh students can apply. Any University department or off-campus Federal Work Study employer is eligible to use Talent Center to post student positions.

For Students Looking for Positions

All student employment positions, including Federal Work Study positions, are posted in Talent Center located at Students must apply through the dedicated student portal, which uses the student's University login information via Pitt Passport. Find general information on applying for positions through Talent Center.

The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (OAFA) handles Federal Work Study awards and guidelines. Off-campus Federal Work Study employers can contact OAFA for information on posting positions to Talent Center. For more information about Federal Work Study, visit OAFA's website.

For Hiring Managers

All student hires must be initiated through Talent Center. Hiring managers should refer to the Talent Center Reference Guide for hiring students to learn more about using Talent Center to post available positions.

All student employment positions, including Federal Work Study positions, must be posted in Talent Center for a minimum of three (3) days.

Talent Acquisition on SharePoint

Talent Acquisition provides a variety of free services to hiring leadership, from conducting full-cycle recruitments to assisting in one particular stage of the hiring process. From sourcing candidates to onboarding your new hires, find the Talent Acquisition resources you may need on the Recruiting, Hiring, & Onboarding section on SharePoint (Pitt login required). On this page are helpful tools available to you and your department throughout the hiring process.


Exceptions to the listed guidelines outlined in this manual should be initiated through the Office of Student Employment. Exceptions may be considered, but only with departmental justification and approval by the Office of Student Employment. Applicants that do not qualify for student employment may still be hired as temporary workers through All-Temps, the University's temporary staffing service.

Questions should be directed to the Office of Student Employment by calling 412-624-7000, option 3, or by submitting a question or comment.