Finding and Applying for Student Employment


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Finding a Job 

All Pitt student employment opportunities are listed on Talent Center, the University's online employment system. All student employment opportunities can be found in the dedicated Student portal. 

How To Search for a Job 

  1. To get started, visit
  2. Select "Students" from the Find Positions drop-down menu and login via Pitt Passport to access Talent Center. 
    1. If you are a new student and do not yet have your Pitt login credentials, you will not yet be able to apply for a position. 
    2. Ensure you are registered for at least three (3) credits during the academic term you wish to begin work. 
  3. Search for available student positions. 
    1. Prior to applying for a position, you're encouraged to review its description and any necessary requirements or qualifications. 

Opportunity Types 

  • General Positions 
    • These positions are available to students who meet the eligibility requirements outlined in our Student Employment Manual. They range from field-specific roles such as research and marketing to more general roles like store associates and office assistants. 
  • Federal Work-Study Positions 
    • These roles are specifically reserved for students who have been deemed eligible for the Federal Work-Study program. FWS allows students to boost their financial aid through an on-campus job. Not all posted positions will be a part of the FWS program, so make sure you’re checking the job title and posting completely to verify that you are applying for an eligible role. 

Please note: FWS is administered by the Office of Admissions & Financial Aid. Please direct any questions about eligibility and program enrollment to their team.  

Rules and Eligibility 

Students may work no more than 20 hours per week during the academic year (fall and spring terms). During the summer term or University recess periods, students may work no more than 37.5 hours per week. Opportunities are available to full-time or part-time Pitt students who are enrolled in an ongoing course of study and taking at least three (3) credits worth of classes. 

Unsure if you are eligible for student employment? Check out the Student Employment Manual

How to Prepare for your Application 

Ensure You Have Original Versions of Documents Needed to Complete the Form I-9 

When preparing for your arrival to campus, make sure you pack original versions of documents needed for certain documentation, like the Form I-9, that are required to be completed before you begin working. 

The Form I-9 is a federal form required to be completed before starting work for a new employer (in this case, your employer would be the University if you apply to work on campus). The Form I-9 verifies both your identity and your authorization to work within the United States. 

For a list of acceptable documentation, please refer to the Form I-9 Acceptable Documents page on the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) website. 

  • You will need to bring either a List A document or both a List B and a List C document. 
  • Copies cannot be accepted; you must present original documents. 
  • The Form I-9 must be completed before starting work; forgetting these items at home can delay your first day at work. 

Create a Resume That Showcases Your Experience, Activities, and Skills. 

Create a resume that showcases your previous work experience, your volunteer activities, and any applicable skills you may have. 

Pitt's Career Center can assist you with building your resume and more. For tips or to schedule an appointment with a Career Consultant, please visit the Career Center's website

Review your financial aid package, including if you qualify for Federal Work-Study. 

Review and ensure that you understand your financial aid package, including if you qualify for the Federal Work-Study Award. 

  • If you qualify for the Federal Work-Study Award, it qualifies you to apply to open roles on campus listed as "Federal Work-Study Required." 
  • The Federal Work-Study Award can be applied towards open roles that are listed as "Federal Work-Study Not Required," as well. 
  • If you have questions concerning your financial aid package or your Federal Work-Study Award, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Application Process 

Apply for a Student Position

Student opportunities vary daily. Each position includes a job description and requirements. Some positions require a resume and cover letter as part of your application. If you need assistance preparing your application, contact the Office of Career Development & Placement Assistance.  

You can apply for as many positions for which you are interested and qualified. To apply for a position in Talent Center

  1. Select the Apply button on a position. 
  2. Fill in all required fields, ensuring that the information provided is accurate. 
  3. Attach any required documents, such as your resume or a cover letter. 
  4. Review your application, ensure that all fields are completed, and confirm that your required documents are uploaded. 
  5. Select the Submit button to send off your application! 

After you submit your application, the hiring department will have immediate online access to your application and will contact you if you are selected for an interview. An official job offer will be made once you have been selected for hire. 

Check the status of your applications and prepare for a possible interview. 

Departments will review submitted applications. Throughout this process, you can check the status of your applications by selecting "My Job Page" from within Talent Center. 

Monitor your email for contact from hiring departments. They may reach out to you to schedule phone screens, interviews, or to ask additional questions. 

If you are contacted for an interview, it is recommended that you spend some time preparing. The Career Center has sample interview questions and tips to help you prepare for your interview. Your interview may consist of several rounds. If you are selected for a position, you will receive a phone call from the department. If you receive an offer, it’s time to move on to onboarding.