Student Employment and Health Insurance

Student worker and Federal Work-Study (FWS) student employment opportunities and wellness services are available to students through the Office of Human Resources, in addition to many other resources on campus. The Division of Student Affairs can provide you with more information on career preparation, student organizations, health services, and more.

Student Health Services are available to students on campus and at regional campuses, including seasonal flu shots, primary care services, information on healthcare specialists, and more. Students also have access to the University Counseling Center for more personal services. Visit the Health Services for Students page for more information.

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The Office of Student Employment (OSE) is part of Pitt’s Office of Human Resources. OSE assists and guides degree-seeking students as they look for an opportunity to supplement their academic pursuits. Student employment opportunities are listed on Talent Center

About OSE

The Office of Student Employment assists students in a number of ways, including:

  • Provides students with access to job opportunities on campus
  • Provides departments effective services to facilitate the hiring of students to meet their part-time employment needs
  • Familiarizes and educates student employers and employees with the practices and procedures of student employment at the University of Pittsburgh, assuring that all institutional, governmental (state and federal) guidelines and requirements are met
  • Ensures student work assignments are processed accurately and in a timely manner

The goals of OSE are:  

  • To exceed our students’ and employers’ expectations for our services
  • To assist students in earning money to finance their education
  • To broaden students’ classroom education with work skills that will complement their course of study
  • To educate and assist employers in their role as student supervisors
  • To provide administrative support to employers
  • To help students refine their unique talents and explore their career options

The Office of Student Employment provides job opportunities to all students regardless of sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, race, or creed.

On-Campus Employment

Talent Center, the University's online employment application system, lists current employment opportunities for Pitt students. Opportunities are available to full-time or part-time Pitt students who are enrolled in an ongoing course of study and taking at least six credits worth of classes. 

Two types of student opportunities are available via Talent Center: positions available to any enrolled student and positions available only to Federal Work-Study (FWS) students. FWS students receive federal funding as part of their financial aid package. If you have questions about FWS funding, please contact the Office of Admissions & Financial Aid.

All student employment opportunities are found in the "Students" portal on Talent Center. Job opportunities vary daily. Each position includes a job description and information on job schedules and how to apply. Some positions require a résumé and cover letter. Contact the Office of Career Development & Placement Assistance for assistance with requirements before applying.

After you submit your application, the hiring department will have immediate online access to your application and will contact you if you are selected for an interview. An official job offer will be made once you have been selected for hire. 

Finding and Applying for a Job

All Pitt student employment opportunities are listed on Talent Center, the University's online employment system. Select "Students" from the drop-down menu at the top of the page to be brought to the Student portal. You will need to login with your Pitt username and password to view the portal.

Opportunities are available to full-time or part-time Pitt students who are enrolled in an ongoing course of study and taking at least six credits worth of classes.

Student Employee Policy Manual

The Student Employee Manual is a helpful resource for both students and current faculty and staff to better understand the role of student employment, the number of hours a student can work, student eligibility, and more.

Clearances and Training

All student workers at Pitt must complete child protection clearances and training courses within their provisional period. Training programs can be found on the Clearances & Training page of the website, as well as within your Pitt portal. Student workers should work with their recruiter to determine which trainings they will need to complete.


On the Payroll website, student workers can find an overview of their pay statement, tax information, PRISM TRKS access, and more. Additional information about the PRISM TRKS system is available on the PRISM website.

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Health & Wellness

Health services are offered to all students at Pitt, including medical, dental, and vision plans that are available for graduate and professional students and general students. Additional health resources can be found here:

Have a Question?

Explore the FAQ for the Office of Human Resources for answers to a variety of common questions.