Shaping the Workplace

shaping the workplace initiative icon

shaping the workplace initiative graphicThe University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Human Resources is embarking on an initiative to identify the broader workplace environment that it wishes to shape and maintain.

The foundation of the approach is a framework that characterizes the workplace as viewed through the lens of a prospective employee that is considering Pitt as a potential choice among competing alternatives, or a current employee with options for alternative opportunities.

We will engage broadly with the University community, educating on initial conditions and garnering input on desired priorities for reshaping, and reporting back on input received.

We will share benchmarking results and community input with Senior Leadership, develop an overarching philosophy for reshaping the workplace, and identify a series of initiatives for implementing that philosophy.

Finally, we will socialize policy decisions with the University community and educate to facilitate adoption and implementation.


All timing for the Shaping the Workplace initiative is approximate and subject to change with the flow of the initiative.

December 2019: Kick-Off Announcement

January - February 2020: Seven engagement sessions conducted throughout Pittsburgh and regional campuses, with online input offered as alternative

Spring 2020: Aggregate and report results from engagement sessions

Summer 2020: Share benchmarking results and community input with Senior Leadership, develop framework philosophy, and identify reshaping initiatives

Fall 2020 and beyond: Socialize philosophy and initiatives, commence with communication and education


  • Learn more about the framework on Pitt SharePoint (accessible via Pitt Passport)
  • Individual feedback: The first phase of feedback ended in mid-February 2020 and is currently being evaluated. Findings will be shared with the University community in spring 2020.