OHR Announces Partnership with Boys and Girls Club of Western Pennsylvania

The Office of Human Resources is excited to announce a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Western Pennsylvania (BGCWPA). This partnership introduces another childcare resource for members of the Pitt community.

Pitt faculty, staff, and graduate students may enroll in the Great Futures Preschool program at BGCWPA’s Carnegie Clubhouse or Estelle S. Campbell Lawrenceville Clubhouse.

The Great Futures Preschool program follows the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards and provides high quality early childhood programs/childcare for children ranging from three through five years of age.

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with Boys & Girls Club of Western Pennsylvania and the Great Futures Preschool Program. These programs will provide our participating children with quality care, an enriching curriculum, and the opportunity for their own individualized development and growth,” said Mark Burdsall, Vice Chancellor for Consulting Services and Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor for Human Resources at the University of Pittsburgh.

“We know how much families are struggling with childcare provisions and have been since even before the pandemic,” said David N. DeJong, Senior Vice Chancellor for Business and Operations at the University of Pittsburgh. “This opportunity is good for the Pitt community, as well as our broader communities, and we hope to build on this partnership for years to come.”

Currently, up to 20 children, aged three through five years, can be enrolled in either the Carnegie or Lawrenceville Great Futures program. Priority for Pitt faculty, staff, and graduate students is extended through October 1, 2021.

Learn more about this partnership and the Clubhouses. For questions about preschool enrollment, please contact Colleen Vilsack at cvilsack@bgcwpa.org.

For additional childcare resources and opportunities, please visit this page.