FSDP: Professional Development

Professional Development workshops are designed to provide individuals with opportunities to enhance their professional and personal skills through interpersonal communication, social media fundamentals, understanding University policies and procedures, and more. Professional Development workshops are available to all staff and supervisors interested in further developing their career at Pitt.

Choose one of the categories below to get started. You can register for a Professional Development course online or explore additional resources on the FSDP homepage.

Working Remotely

Courses designed to engage your team and colleagues, as well as balance your own well-being, while working remotely.

Administrative Professional Certificate Program

A program designed to provide employees with tools and experiences to enhance their performance and overall effectiveness through five required workshops, two electives, and a capstone session.

Career Development

Courses to help staff learn how to build valuable work skills to enhance their career.

Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program

A program designed to reinforce the University’s core values to increase awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion through two required workshops, four electives, and a capstone session.

Environmental Health and Safety

Courses that may be required for those who work with chemicals in a laboratory or research setting or with other potentially dangerous materials.

Global Competence Certificate Program

A program designed to give faculty and staff the opportunity to build awareness and understanding of diverse cultures through two required workshops, four electives, and a capstone session.

Healthy U

Courses designed to enhance our understanding of the expected, and unexpected, practices that can contribute to a healthy mind and body.

Human Resources

Courses designed to help employees and individuals who may supervise staff understand key principles and policies at Pitt.

Instructor-Led Technology

Workshops designed to help employees build skills in technology fundamentals, including identity protection, Microsoft application basics, and how to access online courses for professional development.

Personal Finance

Courses that offer guidance to staff who need assistance with personal financial planning options.

Research Administration

Courses that guide supervisors and administrators on the fundamentals of research administration at Pitt.

University Business and Financial Services

Courses to help supervisors and administrators learn University business fundamentals at Pitt.

Workplace Knowledge and Skills

Courses designed to provide individuals with professional skills to enhance their performance in the workplace.