Accelerated Option

COVID-19: Contacting the Benefits Department

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The Accelerated Option is available to fully vested participants between the ages of 52 and 65. To receive the Accelerated Option, you must contribute at least 8% of your base salary to the Retirement Savings Plan. If you meet these criteria and elect the Accelerated Option, the University increases its matching contribution from 12% to 14.5% of your base salary. The University’s matching contributions will generally increase the month following the date in which you make your Accelerated Option election. Please reference the payroll schedule to determine the timing of when this election will be indicated in your pay check.

To receive the increased matching contribution, you must actively elect the Accelerated Option.

This increase is effective for up to 120 months (10 years) from when you elect it or once you reach age 65, whichever occurs first. When the Accelerated Option period ends, you may continue to make contributions to the Retirement Savings Plan. However, the University’s matching contribution stops completely and you must re-enroll in the plan.

How do you elect the Accelerated Option?

To elect the Accelerated Option, follow the steps below:

1. Login to using your University username and password

2. Search for "Retirement Savings Plan Access"

3. You will be taken to the TIAA website

To change your contributions and/or elect the Accelerated Option, select on the Manage Contributions button.

manage contributions image

You can enter in a percentage of each paycheck you want to contribute or select the maximum amount allowable under IRS regulations. If you are eligible for the Accelerated Option, you will have the option to select the Select the Accelerated Option box.

manage elections image

Check the box next to Select the Accelerated Option and then select the Continue button when you are ready. (If you are not yet eligible for the Accelerated Option, you will not see the box.)

Preview how your contributions and tax status will be split between the available University of Pittsburgh plans. You will also see the Employer Match percentage, and a note at the bottom indicating your enrollment in the Accelerated Option. Select Confirm Elections when you are ready.

contributions summary image

Once you read and accept the Terms & Conditions, a confirmation page summarizes your transaction and indicates that it has been submitted. Please print this page and retain for your records.