Long Term Care

Provided at home or in a care facility, Long Term Care (LTC) helps people to cope with the effects of accidents, illnesses, and advancing age.

As part of Pitt's commitment to encouraging faculty and staff members to plan for a future of financial stability and security, the University offers LTC insurance at a group rate through Unum. It's an employee-paid benefit available to faculty and staff as well as their family members.


New hires eligible for Guarantee Issue must enroll within 60 days of their hire date.

* After 60 days, medical underwriting is required.

Those Eligible for Guarantee Issue*: regular full-time faculty and staff; regular part-time staff working at least 18.75 hours per week; tenured and tenure-stream part-time faculty; and full-time research associates.

* Guarantee Issue applies to new hires only. Union members, please see your collective bargaining agreement.

All others eligible for LTC require medical underwriting and do not have an enrollment deadline.

Those Requiring Medical Underwriting: regular part-time staff working fewer than 18.75 hours per week; non-tenured part-time faculty; part-time research associates; retirees; and retiree spouses/partners, spouses/partners, parents (in-laws), grandparents (in-laws), siblings, spouses/partners of siblings, and adult children.

For plan details, rates, questions, and downloadable forms, please contact Unum.