Information for Potential Retirees

Please review the information and various links we've provided to assist you if you are planning on retiring from the University at this time:

If you have additional questions on retirement or eligibility, please contact the Benefits Department by calling 833-852-2210 or by submitting an inquiry online.

There is much to consider as you are approaching retirement. We encourage you to learn about the eligibility criteria, available benefits, and additional resources as a retiree of the University of Pittsburgh. 

The good news is that the administrative process is not that difficult and the best news is that the University of Pittsburgh provides a very substantial retiree benefits package to its eligible retirees and their eligible spouse or domestic partner. Surveys indicate that the University’s retirement benefits are amongst the best in the country compared to similar institutions.


Retiree Status Eligibility

There are certain criteria that an individual must meet to be eligible to retire from the University of Pittsburgh. As you consider retiring, we encourage you to review the eligibility criteria and utilize the eligibility calculator. Review the criteria.


Checklist: Steps Toward Retirement

It is recommended that you begin the retirement process at a minimum of three (3) months prior to your retirement date. The Steps Toward Retirement checklist will assist you in your planning to make sure you take the appropriate steps and understand any required actions. Review the checklist.

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Pre-65 Coverage

For those interested in retiring between the ages of 62 and 65, please review an overview of coverage and the benefits available to you as a pre-65 retiree. Learn more about pre-65 coverage.

Summary Guide for Pre-65 Retirees

Summary Guide to Retiree Benefits (current plan year)
January 1 - December 31, 2023): Online | PDF

  • This guide includes general information about retiring from the University, enrolling in retiree benefits, and more.
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Post-65 Coverage

For those interested in retiring who are age 65 or older, please review an overview of coverage and the benefits available to you as a post-65 retiree. Learn more about post-65 coverage.

Summary Guides for Post-65 Retirees

2024 Post-65 Retiree Health Care Plans Summary Guide (current plan year)
(January 1 - December 31, 2024): Online | PDF

  • This guide includes information about retiring from the University, enrolling in retiree benefits, and more as a Post-65 retiree for calendar year 2024.
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Defined Dollar Benefit (DDB) Program

The Defined Dollar Benefit (DDB) program provides eligible retiring faculty and staff, and their eligible spouses/domestic partners, with a credit-based system to assist with paying for medical coverage. Learn more about the DDB program.

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Benefit Management Services (BMS)

UPMC Benefit Management Services (BMS), the University's retiree benefits service center, handles the general retiree program administration and various day-to-day operations. Services offered by BMS extend to individuals who are retired and who are eligible to be participants in the University of Pittsburgh health care insurance programs, as well as eligible family members. Learn more about BMS and how to contact them with questions.

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TIAA Counseling Sessions

You should begin to review your retirement accounts three to six months prior to retirement. Licensed financial counselors from TIAA are available for one-on-one appointments to review your accounts and discuss potential investment and distribution strategies. Connect with TIAA and schedule a counseling session.


Helpful Tools for Planning & Preparing for Retirement

There are a variety of resources and tools to help you while you consider retirement or as you navigate life as a retiree from the University. Discover more resources.

Have a Question?

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