Staff Handbook

This handbook provides University staff members with an overview of the University’s best practices. Our leadership believes in and is proud of the University’s environment of open communication. We have summarized the key issues that affect the daily operational needs and objectives of the University and its respective staff members. The information contained herein also is available by accessing the University’s website at and the University’s Office of Human Resources website at

The University of Pittsburgh is a microcosm of every culture, gender, race, and creed. We are proud of our heritage as well as our staff, faculty, students, and alumni, and we are committed to education, research, and community service. We are a community of learners who work together to attain a common goal. We hope you take pride in being associated with the University of Pittsburgh and that through our many employee programs, you will take advantage of the opportunities available to you. If you have any questions concerning the information provided in this handbook, please call your Human Resources contact or a representative of our Employee Relations staff at 412-624-7000.

Disclaimer: Information contained in the Staff Handbook is subject to change due to any mitigating or unforeseen circumstances or modifications in the University’s operating status.

Staff Handbook Sections