Wellness Wins: Pitt Employee Gets Healthier Faster with Wellness for Life Programs

February 29, 2024

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Throughout the year, Pitt employees can take advantage of free wellness classes targeting various health goals such as weight loss, and diabetes or high blood pressure prevention. Over the course of several weeks, trained health coaches teach them the skills and tools they can use to safely and effectively take control of their health.

That’s exactly what Pitt employee Carmela did!

Beginning Her Wellness JourneyCarmela's Health Coach, Alyssa

“It is totally doable and a program like this breaks things down so that you don’t feel overwhelmed,” Carmela explains, “My health coach, Alyssa (pictured right), was very informative and encouraging.” 

Over the course of the program, Carmela was able to reach 60% of her weight loss goal. She credits the foundation she gained by the “Weigh to Wellness” program for her success. “I found the workbook and meetings provided the structure I needed to make progress on my goals. I also liked the option to meet in person or virtually, and that there are a handful of follow up meetings after the program ends to check in.”

Continued Commitment to Wellness

After the program ended, Carmela continued her wellness journey by joining the Nutrition Eating Well program, getting her even closer to her goal. Building on what she had already learned, the class gave her added motivation to keep going. Carmela shared that “structure and accountability are key to me being successful in making positive changes.”

As for the future, she hopes to “maintain the healthy habits I’ve learned during the program and possibly sign up for another program being offered.”

“Structure and accountability are key to me being successful in making positive changes.” - Carmela

Interested in participating in a program like Weigh to Wellness in the future? Want to earn health incentive reward dollars for participating? Keep your eyes on our Announcements page! That's where we’ll announce when any program starts enrollment. Learn more about how you can take advantage of your wellness benefits at our Wellness for Life page.