Their Financial Story - Kyoungah


Her passion My passion is helping students experience everything in which they hope and to achieve their goals. As an international programming coordinator and advisor, I manage many programs and events, including orientation, retreats, and workshops for both international and domestic students from the beginning of their college years until they successfully graduate. I hope to empower students to live meaningful lives and to make positive contributions to society.
Her financial goals My top three financial goals are to save enough to purchase a house, put aside an emergency fund, and pay bills on time to build a good credit score. I hadn't really thought about a retirement plan, but, since joining Pitt, I started to create one. As advised by a financial consultant, I invest a certain amount from each paycheck toward a retirement fund. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw my first retirement plan report because I realized a small monthly deduction eventually added up to a substantial amount that felt like free money. I am glad that I made this decision to start saving.
Her idea of success I love my current job because I am in a position where I can help students to make their college experiences better. It is rewarding to be able to give advice, especially to international students who may face the same challenges that I faced. As a former international student, I struggled at first due to the language and cultural differences, including something as simple as figuring out that "how are you" means different things at different times.

For me, success does not mean earning a lot of money, but I hope that I can be someone who has the means and genuine heart to give love and care, especially to "outsiders" who may not have others in which to turn and who face difficulties emotionally or financially. And, I hope that those people can then pass that new empowerment to others.

Her idea of retirement Honestly, I don't really have an idea what retirement would look like, and I have not really thought about it. I want to build a good habit of saving and learning to invest wisely so that I can have a good monthly income after retirement and enough saved in the case of an emergency. With the skills and experiences that I am going to build over the next 30 years, I want to continue working part-time to empower the next generation.

I heard the earlier the better; I want to learn how to prepare for retirement because planning things early makes me more secure and helps me to see the big picture in my life.