Their Financial Story - Cori

Her passion I'm a happy-go-lucky traveler, an avid reader, an artist, and a dreamer. I'm a writer, a dog-rescuer, and a free-spirited epicurean. I ask for everything good and beautiful from life and believe that happiness is a consequence of personal effort.

My career in marketing and communications professionally marries many of the things in which I define my personal happiness. I play with words at Pitt Law and I enjoy lengthy conversations with professors who have made the spoken word their livelihood. I design beautiful publications with rich photography and fascinating stories. I relish in creativity, curiosity, and creation; three things which combine to define my role at the Law School.

Her financial goals At 40, I want to invest with my eye on the future. I'm working to create a balanced portfolio to ensure a comfortable post-retirement life. I'm grateful for Pitt's Tuition Exchange Program, which will greatly lessen the financial burden of sending my two stepsons to college. I want to have the funds to live well in my golden years--to travel, to purchase a vacation home, to experience all the life that I've missed on Monday through Friday from 8-5!
Her idea of success I define my success in the amount of experiences I've collected--the places I visited, the people I've met, the lessons I've learned. Success is finding that thing I love and joyfully doing it each day. It's having made a difference to someone, being a person others vouch for, and living with integrity.
Her idea of retirement Retirement represents more undistracted time with my family and friends. It's having a freedom of choice in how much, where, or if, I work. It's filling my life with positive experiences, as opposed to just physical possessions. I saw my parents--a teacher and a probation officer, plan well for retirement. I watched them both retire early and set foot to explore the world--traveling the globe and enjoying every second of it. I'm lucky to have them as role models and to witness firsthand the absolute future independence that comes from making smart choices now.