Continuous Process Improvements

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The purpose of Continuous Process Improvements is to inspire and empower a culture that embraces an organized approach to continuously improve our processes at the University. This is accomplished through LEAN Six Sigma (LSS) methodology and projects and Kaizen events, both of which help provide tangible results and that demonstrate the value of continuous improvement.

Program Objectives

  • Provide LEAN Six Sigma education and development
  • Improve Identified University Processes through targeted LSS projects and Kaizen events
  • Collect data around the voice of the customer
  • Utilize improved processes to create effective automated solutions

Program Updates and Ongoing Results

LEAN Six Sigma Education

  • 20 Green Belt Certified employees within Business and Operations evaluating and improving 16 projects across the University
  • 14 of these participants are part of the Office of Human Resources
Project Title Project Lead Project Description Project Overview
Reduction of Cycle Time for FSDP Waitlist Process Kelly Hardon Lessen the complications that arise from the FSDP registration and waitlist process and improve communications by proposing a sophisticated registration software program. Image with a breakdown of Cycle Time for FSDP Waitlist Process
Activities on Campus with Minors John Kozar + Kelly Gilliam Review the existing registration and compliance process for activities involving minors on campus and determine the time needed to process and facilitate these requests. Chart of Activities on Campus with Minors
Employee/Labor Relations Case Management and Customer Service Keith Kapusta Determine and analyze the varying levels in which customers perceive the quality of ER/LR service received with the opportunity to create standard operating procedures to help measure, improve, and control output, focusing on customers' needs. Chart of Employee/Labor Relations Case Management and Customer Service
Employee Record Errors Jason Killmeyer + Aynsley Jimenez To assist with processing employee records in the Office of Human Resources, determine and implement how ER errors can be reduced in both the existing process as well as with future automation and applying the solutions to all employee actions. Chart of Employee Record Errors
Staff Supplemental Request Process Kelsey Lenard Reduce the internal cycle time required for a review of supplemental payment requests. Chart of Staff Supplemental Request Process
Missing Timecards Brock Sizer Determine and reduce the number of steps in the processing of paper timecards to reduce the rate of errors and increase customer satisfaction. Chart of Missing Timecards
Value Added Benefits of Retention Michelle Fullem + Kristen Korbich Discover how and why employees leave their position at the University in order to better understand and improve the employee experience and lower turnover rate. Chart of Value Added Benefits of Retention
Federal Work Study Student Employment Process Leo Constantino Review the process of how federal work study awards are spent and identify ways to reduce the manual nature of the work and reduce the level of awards that are overspent in order to avoid waiting where the timely closure of research grants is negatively affected. Chart of Federal Work Study Student Employment Process
Purchasing and Receiving in University Stores Monica Rattigan Reduce the number of delays in getting products ordered and checked in and on the floor in a timely manner.  
Summer Conference Housing Julie Bannister Improve and expedite the process for booking summer conference housing due to the collaboration required between conference services and housing.  
Towers Housekeeping Matthew Walaan Facing real challenges in cleaning Towers due to limited elevators that go to each floor, process improvements can be implemented to make the process much more efficient.  
Utilities Billing Process Lela Loving Identify opportunities to reduce labor in processing bills, reduce the number of errors in billing, and increase customer satisfaction.  
Project Closeout Frances Quirin Identify an "hold-accountable" process that improves timeliness/quality of deliverables and financial close-out.  
Utility Drawing Updates Simone D'Rosa Determine best process and frequency required for updating utility maps and to improve accuracy.  


Kaizen Events

  • Over 160 participants and stakeholders have taken part in the following Kaizen events.
Kaizen Events Current Future Reduction %
  Steps Decisions Steps Decisions Steps Decisions
Employee Record (ER) Reappointments 47 18 10 0 79% 100%
ER Terminations 38 20 4 0 89% 100%
All-Temps Requests 44 16 19 4 57% 75%
All-Temps Recruitment Exception Requests 112 31 15 4 88% 87%
Student Recruiting 86 27 27 6 69% 78%
Compensation: New/Replacement 36 9 16 4 56% 56%
Compensation: Hiring Proposal 21 16 16 6 24% 63%
Compensation: Update 55 26 23 7 58% 73%
Staff Recruiting and Hiring Process 334 104 86 12 74% 88%
Medical Leaves 34 12 12 0 65% 100%
ER Assignment Changes 35 11 11 2 68% 82%

Project Contact

Jason Killmeyer,