Faculty Leaves

Leaves of Absence  

Four types of Leaves of Absence for Faculty:

  • Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical leaves are awards available to tenured members of the faculty who submit convincing evidence of conducting scholarly or other appropriate endeavors on realeased time which will advance their own professional stancing and, upon their return to the University, enrich their teaching and research.  Learn more >>

  • Faculty Leave for Professional Enhancement

The University provides a leave of absence without pay of up to one year for the purpose of professional enhancement.  Learn more >>

  • Unpaid Leave of Absence

A faculty member applying for leave without pay shall submit a written request and obtain the endorsements of the appropriate department chair and the dean or campus presidnet, and in the Health Sciences, the Senior Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences.  Learn more >>

  • Family Medical and Family Leave

Family Medical and Family Leaves (FMFL) establishes leaves of absence for faculty for medical (including pregnancy, and childbirth), parental, and other family care purposes.  Its goals are to assist faculty members in balancing the demands of the workplace with family obligations, and to establish equitable practices across the diverse departments, schools, and campuses of the University. Learn more >>

Vacation Time

Deans, directors, department chairs, faculty, faculty librarians, and research associates on 12-month appointments are entitled to a one-month (i.e., 20 working days) vacation each year. Holidays during a vacation period are not counted as days of vacation. Vacation benefits are not cumulative from one year to the next. Employees cannot choose to receive pay in lieu of vacation benefits. Unused vacation, if any, is not paid at the time of termination.

Faculty members holding less than a 12-month appointment or who work part-time do not earn vacation benefits.

Employees who are on vacation during the normal pay date must make arrangements with their department or school as to the disposition of their paycheck. Checks will not be issued in advance of the normal pay date.  View Policy >>

Long Term Disability Insurance

 The Long Term Disability Benefit Program provides partial income replacement and continuation of certain University benefits in the event eligible staff or faculty become "disabled."  Learn more >>