Pitt Worx Outage, November 17-19

The Pitt Worx system will be down for maintenance and will be unavailable from Friday, November 17 at 10 p.m. ET until Sunday, November 19 at 7 p.m. ET. During this time, employees will be unable to access Pitt Worx.

Those who need to submit timecards for the week of November 12 through November 18, 2023, should plan to do so before or after the outage period; timecards cannot be submitted during the system outage. As a reminder, timecards must be submitted and approved by noon on Monday, November 20, 2023

What’s New or Changing in Pitt Worx

This Pitt Worx update brings some minor changes to system functionality and updates to existing reference guides on the Pitt Worx Hub.

Updated Reference Guide:

Update Expense Approver and Account Information: “Pitt Internet Expenses” has been renamed to “Expense Approver and Account Information” in Pitt Worx. This is only a label change; there is no change in functionality. In Talent Center, the name has been changed to “Expense Approver.” You will see this change appear on the Staff, Student, and Faculty/Academics Offer Letter, as well as on the Temp requisitions.

New Reference Guide: 

Request and Submit Information on Pitt Worx Employee Actions: A new Pitt Worx guide is available to assist administrators with requesting information and submitting information on Pitt Worx actions.

For further questions or concerns about Pitt Worx, please submit an inquiry online.