Drop in to Heinz Chapel for a Stress-Reducing Break!

April 9, 2024

Pittsburgh Campus Faculty and Staff; visit Heinz Chapel for a mid-day break to reduce workday stress! 

Your wellness matters! 

Did you know that Heinz Chapel hosts free guided meditation sessions every Monday? To give you even more support in your journey to prioritize stress-reduction, the Heinz Chapel team has partnered with the Office of Human Resources to bring in professional facilitators once a month on select Mondays for their Meditation Monday program. 

There’s no registration required and it’s absolutely free! While you’re welcome to join them any week you’d like, our expert facilitators will host the following date: 

  • April 15, 12:15 p.m. - Guided Imagery 
    Imagine your happy place. It may be a beach, the middle of a forest, in a meadow, or just on a comfy couch. Guided imagery is a stress management technique that takes you to this place and allows you to immerse yourself in the setting. Listening to a track is beneficial when you are starting out. Once you’ve gained practice, it becomes easier to take yourself to that place, even if just for a couple of minutes to help lower your stress.