Utilizing Pitt Passport

Pitt Passport is the University's single sign-on service that is used to grant access to a variety of web-based services at Pitt. Using single sign-on provides a seamless experience for University employees when navigating through a variety of applications and websites, without having to login with your Pitt username and password every time you visit certain websites.

Your Gateway to Pitt Services and Applications

If you are not already logged in to a website, service, or application that requires Pitt Passport, you will be brought to the login page, where you will need to enter your University username and password.

Some employees utilize University sponsored accounts or email aliases, so you should login with the details that are necessary for the task that you are planning to complete.

TIP: If you are having difficulties gaining access to a certain service, like the OHR SharePoint, double-check to make sure that you are logged in with your originally-issued Pitt username and password.

Multifactor Authentication (Duo)

Multifactor authentication, provided by Duo Security, adds another layer of security to your online accounts when using Pitt Passport by requiring two “factors” to verify your identity when you login to a service: something you know (such as your password) and something only you have (such as your mobile phone, on which you will receive a login confirmation notice). Learn more about using Duo and how to set it up or change your settings.

Helpful Websites and Services Requiring Authentication


Talent Center