Employee Discounts


Working at Pitt comes with more perks than just the great benefits! We provide discounts on everything from cell phone plans to real estate purchases to symphony tickets. Please see the categories below for employee discount services that may interest you.


  • Panther Athletics - Discounted football and men's basketball tickets are available to all University faculty and staff. Also, admission to women's basketball games at the Petersen Events Center are free with your Pitt ID! For more information,
    please call 1-800-643-PITT (7488).
  • Pitt Arts provides reasonably priced tickets to a number of local events at different venues across the region.


  • The University's Purchasing Department has negotiated a number of agreements that provide you, the employee, with discounts on personal purchases of different types, including appliances, cell phone plans, office supplies and personal computers. For a comprehensive list, please visit the Purchasing Department Discounts site.
  • The University Store on Fifth offers academic discounts on a variety of Apple and Dell computers and laptops. The University Store also offers a 10% employee discount on most general reading books. For more information please visit The University Store on Fifth site or call 412-648-1455.


  • Hotel and Car Rental Discounts- These special rates are available through the Office of Travel Management. Visit their Car Rental Discount page for more information.
  • PNC Bank- Your WorkPlace Checking Plan begins with the first direct deposit of your Pitt paycheck into a free checking account. You will also receive specially priced financial services and interest rate discounts on select loans. For more details, stop by your local PNC branch, call 1-888-PNC-WORK or visit the Pitt/PNC WorkPlace Banking website. 
  • Howard Hanna- Pitt employees are eligible for discount packages, including estate commissions and relocation assistance. You must register in advance with Howard Hanna Corporate Services in order to take advantage of these benefits. Registration is free and you are able to register by telephone (800-656-7356 ext. 1307) or online. For more information on the Howard Hanna program, click here.

Surplus Property 

  • The University's Surplus Property department is responsible for the receipt, storage and distribution of surplus equipment, supplies and materials. Staff and faculty are encouraged to take advantage of sales on furniture, computers, special items and vehicles in the Surplus Store

Discounts for UMPC Health Plan Members

  • Employees who are have elected to enroll in UPMC Health Plan are also able to take advantage of a number of discounts and services through UPMC. To see a complete list, please click here to log into UPMC's member site. 


Discount Policy for Companies

At this time, the University of Pittsburgh is only able to offer discounts for companies that are in some way affiliated with the University. If your company is not affiliated with the University (e.g. you do not have a contract through the University’s Purchasing Department for services, etc.), then unfortunately we will not be able to display your discount on our Web site.

Companies that are still interested in offering a discount to the University of Pittsburgh even though we can’t directly display the discount information on our Web site have the following option:

  • If the discount you are looking to offer is in some way wellness or health promotion related, you may contact the UPMC Healthy Living Rewards Program to see about offering the discount through them. Any discount that is offered through the UPMC Healthy Living Rewards is then offered to all members of the University who carry UPMC medical insurance, as well as any other company in Western Pennsylvania that offers UPMC medical insurance. For information on registering your discount, please contact UPMC directly at 412-454-8810.

Thank you for your interest in offering a discount to the University of Pittsburgh.