New Hire Benefits Enrollment Process

To begin the enrollment process you will first need to obtain your Username and Password to access the online PRISM Self-Service system from your Responsibility Center Account Administrator. Your initial password is randomly generated; please visit the to change your initial password.

Once you have your Username and Password, please follow the steps below to enroll for your benefits online through PRISM Self Service.

  1. Login at
  2. Select ‘PRISM’ from the ‘My Resources’ drop down menu
  3. Click the ‘PRISM Login’ button on the right-hand side of the page
  4. Under the ‘Main Menu’ expand the ‘PHR Employee Self-Service’ folder
  5. Select ‘Benefits’
    • This will give you access into the enrollment portal. The first page you will see is the ‘Dependents’ screen. This will list any one you have added to your contact list at the University of Pittsburgh.
  6. Review the individuals listed in your University contact list.
    • If an individual needs to be added, use the ‘Add Another Person’ button to update your list
    • If you are adding a dependent already on record at the University of Pittsburgh, you will need to contact the Benefit Department at or 412-624-8160 for assistance
  7. Select the ‘Next’ button in the top, right-hand side corner
    • If you are transferring from All-Temps, you will be taken to a subpage, Select the ‘Active Program’ radio button
  8. Select the “Update Benefits button and complete the enrollment form in accordance with the elections you wish to have.
  9. Once finished, select the “Submit_Procceed” button
    • This will take you into the enrollment confirmation screen. If you are satisfied with the elections, print a copy of the page for your records. If there are any changes, you wish to make, elect the “Update Benefits” button in the top right corner.

Review screenshot instructions to enroll through PRISM Self-Service.

Those individuals classified as Full and Part Time Post-Doctoral Scholars and Part-Time Non-Tenure Stream Faculty, Librarians, or Research Associates and do not have PRISM access, should complete a paper enrollment form.