Find a UPMC Physician or Facility

COVID-19: Contacting the Benefits Department

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of Human Resources has limited on-site support and is primarily working remotely. During this time, Craig Hall is not open to the public; walk-ins will not be accepted and forms cannot be dropped off in-person or faxed. During this time, we recommend submitting all requests and inquiries online in lieu of sending physical mail. For Benefits forms not completed online via Pitt Worx or DocuSign, please submit an inquiry online.

If you have a Benefits-related inquiry, including the submission of forms or documentation, the quickest way to receive assistance is to call the Benefits Department at 833-852-2210. You can also submit an inquiry at

Whether you need a new primary care physician, a specialist, or urgent care, or if you want to determine if your current doctor is in-network, UPMC Health Plan has providers and facilities that are convenient for you. These instructions will assist you in finding a health care provider regardless of which UPMC Health Plan you have.

(Need to find an out-of-network physician? Check out this guide.)

Basic Instructions (via MyHealth Online; already enrolled in a plan)

First, login to your UPMC MyHealth Online account (via Pitt Passport). You have multiple ways to find a provider once logged in:

  1. Select "Find Care" on the top right of the page
  2. Select "Find Care" in the middle of the page under the Your Care and Treatment section
  3. Select the hamburger menu on the top left, then select "Your Care and Treatment' and then select "Find Care"

Screenshot of UPMC MyHealthOnline portal with highlighted locations of where to select "Find Care" to find a provider.

You will then be directed to the UPMC Health Plan website, which will have already identified in which plan you are enrolled. To search for a provider:

  1. Choose the type of care (medical or behavioral health)
  2. Choose to search either by name or by specialty
  3. Enter zip code

Basic Instructions (via UPMC's website; enrolled in a plan or just browsing)

  1. Go to
  2. Select Find Care at the top of the page
    • Select either the "I'm A Member" or "I'm Just Browsing" tab
  3. Choose the type of care (medical or behavioral health)
  4. Choose to search either by name or by specialty
  5. Enter zip code

Search Tips

  • If selecting "I'm A Member," enter your member ID number to verify your plan
  • If selecting "I'm Just Browsing," you will need to verify that you plan is accepted
    • To verify, select the office/doctor and then select "Show Networks Accepted"
      Screenshot of UPMC Health Plan website highlighting where to select "Show Networks Accepted."
    • Of, you can filter the search at the top of the page by choosing your plan name
      Screenshot of UPMC Health Plan website highlighting how to filter based on a specific medical plan.

To verify if Panther Gold is covered, select "Panther Gold Advantage Network for Pitt Employees."

To verify if Panther Advocate, Panther Plus, or Panther Basic plans are covered, select "Premium Network."