Flexible Spending Accounts

All information presented on this page, including links to plan documents and descriptions, is specific to the plan year of July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018.

A flexible spending account program provides an opportunity to reduce your Federal and Social Security taxable income by funding an account or accounts on a pretax basis. You may obtain reimbursement by submitting documentation of qualified out-of-pocket expenses relating to your account(s).

Follow these instructions to submit a claim for reimbursement. Do not discard your Flexible Spending Visa card at the end of the plan year. Cards are not reprinted annually. 

Flexible Spending Account Types

Summary Guide Flexible Spending Accounts Summary Guide: PDF
July 1 2017 - June 30, 2018

Flexible Spending Account Resources

UPMC's MyHealth Online provides additional resources. For quick access to your personal information on the UPMC Health Plan secure member portal:

  1. Access the Human Resources page in the My.Pitt Portal
  2. Select “MyHealth Access” located in the upper right-hand side of the portal page (After authentication takes place in approximately 15 seconds, you will land on the UPMC My Health Online homepage)
  3. Select "Quick Links” from the toolbar at the top of the page
  4. Select "UPMC Consumer Advantage Portal" to be directed to a new window
  5. Please note if you have never been to the portal before, you will be prompted to create security questions. 

Flexible spending accounts are intended to be used for predictable expenses only. Please review the plan details of each flexible spending account prior to enrolling, to determine if a flexible spending account is right for you. You may learn more about the flexible spending accounts in greater detail, including eligible expenses, claim submission deadlines, and claim submission procedures, by calling UPMC Health Plan at 1-888-499-6885.


Please visit this PDF for more information about Flexible Spending Accounts.