Education Benefit at Other Institutions for Dependent Children of Staff Employees

Required Criteria for Education Benefits 

  • Staff employee must be regular, full-time hired on or prior to September 1, 1994 as regular, full-time staff.
  • The student must be a natural, adopted, or step child of the staff employee.
  • The student must be listed as a child dependent on the employee's Form 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return for the calendar year most applicable to the academic term for which scholarship application is being made. Please view the “Qualifying Child Rules” page on the Internal Revenue Services’ website for more details.

Education Benefit at Other Institutions

Until September 1, 1994, the University of Pittsburgh offered a benefit program for dependent children to attend other accredited colleges or universities. While this program was discontinued, dependent children of full-time, regular staff members, hired prior to September 1, 1994, may still be eligible to receive this benefit.

If the employee is currently classified as full-time, regular staff and was hired by September 1, 1994 or have accepted in writing an offer of employment by September 1, 1994 as a full-time, regular staff employee, the dependent child would be eligible.

The dependent child may attend any other accredited college or university as a full-time or part-time student. The scholarship covers tuition up to a maximum of the in-state, full-time undergraduate tuition for that term in the College of Arts and Sciences at the Pittsburgh Campus. This amount will be subjected to taxation. A student who has not used the maximum tuition per year and wishes to attend another institution or the University of Pittsburgh for the remainder of that academic year as a full- or part-time undergraduate may have the balance applied to that tuition. A maximum of 8 terms may be used at colleges or universities other than the University of Pittsburgh. The student would have 4 additional terms of education benefits that the scholarship may be used at the University of Pittsburgh.

Required Paperwork for Education Benefits at Other Institutions

Paperwork must be submitted each academic term

  1. Staff Education Benefits Program for Dependent Children at Other Institutions’ Form
  2. Copy of the staff employee’s most recent Form 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return (listing the student as a dependent son or daughter)
  3. Copy of the college/university’s bill for the academic term being requested

Access the Other Institutions Determination of Eligibility Form.

Forms are only accepted via fax (412-624-3485), mail or in-person drop off. Forms are NOT accepted via email because of the University’s security policy on the transmission of personal information

Faculty, associates and scholars should review Section V. of the Faculty Handbook or contact Faculty Records for the education benefits information.