All-Temps is a temporary staffing service administered by the Office of Human Resources for exclusive use by University of Pittsburgh departments and schools. The All-Temps service is dedicated to providing clients with qualified temporary personnel, including clerical, administrative, technical, facilities management, and more, to fill short term staffing needs in a timely manner.​ ​

Hiring an All-Temps Employee

Learn more about All-Temps, how to make a request for a temporary staff employee, and more resources for managers and departments. Have an additional question about hiring an All-Temps employee? Find an answer on the All-Temps FAQ page.

Applying for a Temporary Staff Position at Pitt

Individuals interested in applying for temporary employment at the University of Pittsburgh can do so through PittSource, the University's online employment system. Learn more about All-Temps and all of the other opportunity types available at Pitt. Discover what makes Pitt a top university.