This is a new section that will be expanded and improved over the course of the next several months.  As a University manager, your ability to effectively lead your staff is critical.  Whether you are a new manager or seasoned veteran, or if you supervise one staff member or a very large department, we understand that having the tools and resources to support you in your daily work as a manager is essential.

New Managers

If you are new to the University or have recently been promoted to a supervisory role, these tools are must-haves for new managers.  Learn More »

Current Managers

It is important for managers to have the tools to make hiring and managing staff as easy as possible.  Learn More »

Guides and Forms

View guides and forms that will be useful in your managerial role. Learn More »

Staff Performance Management

The performance appraisal process is designed to evaluate an employee’s performance over a specified period of time. When the process works well, the employee and his/her supervisor plan together to build on strengths and develop those areas needing improvement.

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