Their Financial Story - Harvey

His passion My greatest passion is helping others.
His financial goals To be secure in retirement. Meaning: to duplicate my pre-retirement take-home income.
His idea of success Having a career that is productive, a family that is well and prosperous, and the retirement income that supports my years of retirement and has enough left over to improve my children's lives. Being a part of the University's Retirement Plan helps me realize those successes.
His idea of retirement The growth of my retirement nest egg at Pitt, plus other savings, has enabled me to do what I want, when I want. When my wife developed emphysema, I could afford to put an elevator in my house. Now I use it as much as she does!

After I retired, we were able to take a cruise through the Panama Canal and host our family to a 75th birthday party at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. I like woodworking and nice cars. We live nicely, and are able to spend most of our time helping others.