Their Financial Story - Antonio

His passion Personally, I am passionate about learning new things and growing in every way. I like to read daily/weekly articles and success stories on how people are getting ahead in life. I love to stay active. I work on the weekends as a valet, in addition to my job here at Pitt, and it keeps me in shape and humble. Every customer interaction I have is an opportunity for me to better myself.

Professionally, I am passionate about recruiting. I love connecting people to their dream job or helping them find what they are good at. I am also passionate about helping hiring managers fill their roles with candidates who share the employer's values.

His financial goals Building my credit, putting 15% of each of my paychecks aside, paying off my student loans--all while being financially independent. Now that I am with Pitt, I am saving 8% for retirement, which is amazing, because my past employers stopped matching at 5%.
His idea of success Financial success, to me, means not living paycheck-to-paycheck and having a healthy savings. It also means investing extra money to make more profit. Success also includes having the people close to me financially informed about saving and investing so that it doesn't fall back on me.

Professionally, success includes mastering my role, learning how I can improve any number of systems and processes, gaining knowledge on the bigger picture through helping others, asking questions, and taking initiative. Ultimately, success is earning promotions or being the top candidate for future advancement.

His idea of retirement My idea of retirement includes no obligations to any employers and, most importantly, living free to do as I please and on my own time.