HR Delivery Assessment

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An HR Delivery Assessment will better define HR role and responsibilities, build a community, and help HR accomplish future goals. The HR Delivery Assessment will evaluate the quality and relevance of HR services and programs, their effectiveness and efficiency, and the strength of relationships across the University.

Program Objectives

  • Articulate HR’s priorities and investments as they align to the Plan for Pitt.
  • Leverage the HR Plan to strengthen HR as a team, and align the group around HR’s vision and path to the future.
  • Assess HR’s change management readiness.
  • Document the work being completed using a Future of Work lens for HR.
  • Identify gaps in HR capabilities & recommend areas for role clarity and capability building.
  • Introduce frameworks and transfer knowledge to build HR’s preparedness for the transformation.
  • Develop a plan to ensure HR & stakeholders align with the Plan for Pitt.

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Program Initiatives

Conduct interviews and focus groups, conduct a one-day HR Bootcamp and Kickoff, and develop user-friendly HR feedback surveys.


Main Contact

Mark Burdsall, Project Manager,