University of Pittsburgh Launches Program to Assist with Navigating Federal Student Loan Repayment

The University of Pittsburgh's Office of Human Resources is proud to announce a collaborative initiative to guide faculty and staff through federal student loan forgiveness programs, such as the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. Through a partnership with TIAA, University faculty and staff will gain access to Savi, a service that helps users navigate the federal program that forgives student loan debt while working at a qualifying public service organization.

The Savi Essential Service, which helps users submit the application for income-drive repayment plans and tracks payments toward forgiveness, will be offered for free for the first year to University faculty and staff. Interested employees can learn more and begin the process of application with Savi. Employees also have access to another tool for free, the Student Loan Checkup digital tool, which helps users assess repayment options and potential savings through a forgiveness program.

The introduction of this program aligns with the University’s priority to offer access to and to aid in the affordability of education. With the advent of Panthers Forward and the Pitt Pell Grant Match, the partnership with TIAA and Savi provides access for our faculty and staff to take advantage of services post-graduation, when student loan payments begin. Understanding the potentially stressful and overwhelming nature of student loans, the program aims to support faculty and staff no matter what stage they are in their career--whether for those just starting out, or that may be considering other costs of living, such as housing and family.

Learn more about Savi and Pitt’s initiative to help employees navigate federal student loan forgiveness programs.