COVID-19 Pandemic: University Child Development Center Closed

Dear Pitt Families and Friends,

Following Governor Tom Wolf’s declaration to close all PA K-12 schools for two weeks, the University has decided to close the University Child Development Center (UCDC) until further notice.

We understand that this will be a hardship for some, but please know that the care of your children and our staff guide our decisions. The University fully supports offering maximum flexibility with regards to remote work arrangements to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure. Please also know that for those working remotely, the University has waived the requirement that remote work not be a substitute for childcare for existing and new agreements.

We make this rather difficult decision to protect our employees and their families. As we proceed through this unprecedented circumstance, we ask for your patience and understanding. We do not make these decisions lightly and unfortunately are forced to make them rather quickly, as events unfold in real time.

If you have concerns, questions, or general comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In appreciation,

Mary Beth McCulloch
Director, UCDC

Connecting Parents and Families

As families with children and teens at home navigate the challenges and changes brought on by school closures and other disruptions to daily life, we recognize that there are many questions. In order to help you connect with others in similar situations, the Office of Human Resources and University Center for Child Development have created the Pitt Faculty, Staff and Students who are Parents Yammer group. This platform is a resource for our community to share information and ideas with one another, including child care resources, tips for teaching at home and managing remote work and child care.  

Logging into Yammer and Joining the Group

  • Access the group directly via this link (accessible via Pitt Passport)
  • If the direct link does not work:
    • Visit
    • If you have never logged into Yammer, enter your Pitt email and follow the confirmation details that are delivered to your inbox.
    • If you have logged into Yammer previously, select “Log In” and sign in via Pitt Passport.
    • After logging in, select “Discover more groups” in the left-side navigation.
    • Find or search for the group “Pitt Faculty, Staff and Students who are Parents” and select “Join.”

The University of Pittsburgh is unable to, for various reasons, expand the already existing child care programs available to employees or create new centers or sites to accommodate these needs. Child care facilities are regulated by the state and require appropriate space, licensing, and carefully screened staff.  Additionally, group child care does not support the goal of the social distancing messages that are currently driving many of the school closure decisions that created some of the current challenges.  

The University of Pittsburgh makes no representations about the persons participating in the child care arrangement or who are offering advice or suggestions about child care alternatives. We cannot confirm that the participants have gone through any specialized training or backgrounds checks. We make no representation regarding the safety, skill, or competency of the person delivering advice or assistance, and we make no promises, commitments or guarantees regarding the hours of work, renumeration, if any, appropriateness or success of the options being shared or offered. Further, under no circumstances should any existing University of Pittsburgh faculty, staff or students be reassigned or repurposed to provide child care for other University of Pittsburgh faculty, staff, or student  in need. As a person seeking child care or preparing to deliver child care, you are strongly encouraged to proceed with caution and engage in appropriate due diligence to ensure the safety and security of your child or children, yourself and others. The decision to seek or deliver child care, outside of an approved child care facility, is at your own risk and is conducted pursuant to the terms and conditions established by the parties. If you do pursue making these arrangements, then you acknowledge you shall not seek redress of any sort, including bringing suit, against The University of Pittsburgh with respect to care rendered to your child(ren).