Return to In-Person Form I-9 Verifications

Beginning June 1, 2021, in-person Form I-9 processing will resume. New hires and rehires will continue to be prompted to schedule their I-9 appointment online via the onboarding process in Talent Center. However, departments are encouraged to explain the I-9 verification process to their new hires and rehires.

As a reminder, all University health and safety protocols remain in effect and are required for in-person I-9 services.

Scheduling an I-9 Verification Appointment

Form I-9 verifications and reverifications for new hires, rehires, and current employees are available on the Pittsburgh campus by appointment only; walk-ins will not be accepted.

Available locations on the Pittsburgh campus for I-9 services include:

  • Craig Hall (HR Shared Services)
  • Panther Central/Litchfield Towers
  • Lothrop Hall (Health Sciences)

Please note: current employees that need to reverify their I-9 must schedule an appointment in Craig Hall with HR Shared Services. Current employees will not be able to complete I-9 reverification at Panther Central or Lothrop Hall.

Appointments for in-person I-9 services must be made online. Employees can select their preferred location and timeslot when making their appointment. Schedule an appointment.

Please review the I-9 verification procedures outlined on the scheduling website prior to making an appointment.

Remote I-9 Verifications

Remote I-9 verification is available for remote hire individuals. The Remote I-9 Verification process, “I-9 Anywhere,” is available for verifications and reverifications for new hires, rehires, and current employees. This service connects individuals to in-person service centers across the United States and is intended to be used by employees that do not live locally and are unable come to the Pittsburgh campus to complete their I-9.

Departments with hires, rehires, or current employees that need remote I-9 verification or reverification should contact HR Shared Services by submitting an online inquiry and including “Remote I-9 Verification Request” in the subject line of the submission form.

Please note: Departments are responsible for any fees associated with utilizing the Remote I-9 Verification process.


Questions about the I-9 process or scheduling an appointment online should by submitted online at