New Name for OHR NotifyU List

The NotifyU list that currently shares news from the OHR Benefits Department is shifting to now share general OHR news, updates, and happenings. The list has been renamed to “OHR Updates.”

Messages sent via NotifyU will include updates from all departments within OHR as they relate to faculty and staff at the University, including benefits information, faculty and staff development opportunities, OHR events and programs, and other vital information.

What does this mean for you?

If you are already subscribed to the OHR Benefits list via NotifyU ( and wish to remain subscribed to receive updates from OHR for all of our departments, then no action is required. You will continue to receive updates via text and/or email from OHR via NotifyU.

Not subscribed and want to get updates from OHR? You can register by navigating to, selecting “Opt-In Lists” at the top of the page, and checking the box next to “OHR Updates” (the list is alphabetical).

If you no longer wish to receive updates from OHR, you can unsubscribe by navigating to, selecting “Opt-In Lists” at the top of the page, and unchecking the box next to “OHR Updates.”

NotifyU is a notification subscription service that allows University students, faculty, and staff to receive news, updates, and other information provided by University departments in text and/or email format. Learn more about NotifyU on CSSD's website.