Fall 2021 FSDP Workshops are Now Open

Hello fall, and hello new FSDP workshops!

Registration for Faculty and Staff Development Program (FSDP) workshops is now open for fall 2021.

This fall, over 60 courses are available, including the new Sustainability Professional Certificate Program and Supervisor Support Chats.

Sustainability Professional Certificate Program

The Sustainability Professional Certificate Program is a new program designed to reinforce the University’s commitment to sustainability through workshops that address both individual behaviors and University programs. Discover topics like Pitt sustainability commitments, foundational knowledge of the three dimensions of sustainability, and more.

Supervisor Support Chats

Originally hosted monthly by the Office of Human Resources, Supervisor Support Chats are now offered through FSDP. Workshops for the fall include Building Belonging, including topics on creating opportunities for employee and team engagement, and Navigating Difficult Interactions, which aims to equip and support supervisors in building their communication skills to better manage interpersonal conflict in their teams.

Explore opportunities in sustainability, supervisor support, career development, organizational leadership, and more on the FSDP web page.

Browse the available courses for fall 2021 today!