Donation Cap to be Implemented on Voluntary Sick Day Bank

In April 2020, a temporary voluntary sick day bank was implemented at the University to assist full- and part-time regular staff employees throughout the pandemic. The bank provided the opportunity for employees to make a one-time donation to or request additional sick time from the bank.

In total, over 18,000 hours of sick time have been donated to the bank since it was implemented in April 2020. As of November 1, 2021, over 1,800 hours of sick time have been utilized by 40 individuals at the University.

As a return to our “new normal” continues, the University is placing a cap on donations to the sick day bank effective November 12, 2021. After November 12, no new donations will be accepted. However, individuals will still be able to request sick time from the bank should they need it.

The sick day bank will be regularly reviewed to assess the level of available hours. If necessary, the sick day bank may be reopened to accept donations again in the future.

We are appreciative of all that have contributed sick time to the bank to assist others in need! For more information about the sick day bank, to review the Temporary Voluntary Sick Day Bank policy and procedure, and to learn how to donate or request time, please refer to this announcement.