Discontinuation of New Hire 90-Day Provisional Period for Child Protection Clearances

We thank the University community for continuing to help provide the safest learning and working environment possible for our students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors by ensuring that applicable University employees and appointees, including all of our prospective new hires, are aware of the vital importance of obtaining and maintaining current Child Protection Clearances. To continue keeping our community safe, we want to share an important upcoming change to the 90-day provisional period for Child Protection Clearances for new hires.

Effective January 1, 2020, employers, administrators, supervisors or other persons responsible for employment decisions may no longer employ applicants on a provisional basis. Previously, new hires were granted a 90-day provisional period in which to apply for, obtain, and submit all necessary Child Protection Clearances. This change means that as of January 1, 2020 all new hires who have direct and/or routine contact with children under 18 years of age may not begin employment until all of their Child Protection Clearances (including FBI fingerprint results) have been submitted and approved.

As a reminder, the Clearances & Training section of the Office of Human Resources’ website reflects the process for obtaining Child Protection Clearances. Clearances are required for all new and current employees and appointees, as well as certain volunteers. To obtain clearances, incumbents must coordinate with ProVerify powered by Application Verification, the University’s vendor for handling all Child Protection Clearances.

Everyone at the University has a responsibility in keeping our community safe, and we appreciate the continued support of the University community for ensuring the safety of everyone on our campuses. For questions concerning clearances, contact OHR Shared Services by emailing HRCustomerSupport@pitt.edu or call 412-624-7000, option 3.