COVID-19 Pandemic: Guidance on Paying Students Through End of Spring Term

In alignment with the University’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are requesting your assistance to ensure student workers hired for this semester continue to receive their pay for the period of March 8 – April 25. Last week, the University announced that students who return home and are thus unable to work at their on-campus jobs, or students who are uncomfortable returning to campus to work, will continue to be paid through the end of their employment period, according to their standard work schedules.

Students who are still working can continue to submit their timecards as usual for approval. In other cases, the supervisor may need to submit and approve the student timecard. It is extremely important that you review the information outlined below to ensure that student workers receive their bi-weekly pays.

For Department Administrators:

  • Confirm that the appropriate supervisors in your area are aware of this request.
  • Help ensure that the student worker timecards have been submitted and approved by the supervisors in your area.
  • Review your registers to ensure the student workers have been paid appropriately. 

For Supervisors of Student Workers:

  • Communicate with each of your student worker(s) their average hours per week, which will be used to calculate their pay. 
  • Ensure timecards for each week, per student worker is submitted and approved for the period of March 8 – April 25.
    • Students who are still working can continue to submit their timecards, which you will need to approve as usual. 
    • If you are the one submitting the timecard for the student, you must also approve that timecard.
  • Remember to submit a timecard for the week ending March 14 and March 21.
  • The deadline for weekly timecards is no later than noon each Monday.
  • If a timecard deadline is missed for a week, supervisors should submit and approve hours as soon as possible. These hours will be paid in the next bi-weekly cycle.


We sincerely appreciate your diligence to ensure the student workers are paid each bi-weekly pay by submitting and approving timecards within the established deadlines.