COVID-19 Pandemic: Employee Hiring Controls

UPDATE - March 30, 2021: An update has been made to the process for submitting a hiring exception request. Please refer to the updated guidance for Employee Hiring Controls.

UPDATE: The Office of Human Resources wants to update its previous statement to explain that the University is limiting its current approach to hiring. This control pertains only to full- and part-time regular staff, unless an exception is granted.

We will continue to hire temporary workers and student workers in positions deemed essential and operationally critical. Guidance for faculty hiring is forthcoming.

We recommend considering the following options to allow flexibility for supervisors and administrators in the management of work in lieu of hiring new full- and part-time staff.

  1. Consider redistributing work to current staff, if possible, or consult PittCollab (the University’s resource for finding available staff for work opportunities)
  2. Consider hiring a temporary (All-Temps) worker
  3. Consider hiring student workers if the job/effort is essential or operationally critical, such as academic/course support.

We understand that some recruitments remain active. Please note:

  • If a posting is current/live but has not advanced to the interview stage, an exception must be obtained to continue the recruitment
  • If a posting is in the interview stage or later (as of April 17) and already determined to be essential or operationally critical, the recruitment may continue (an exception is not necessary), however the RC administrator/head should be in support of hiring for the position

Learn more about the employee hiring controls, including processing and frequently asked questions. (via Pitt Passport)

For additional questions or clarification, please submit a request via OHR web form