COVID-19 Pandemic: Administration of Staff Volunteer Service

As announced in the Pittwire story "Initiatives to Empower Volunteerism, Professional Development Launching," the University is allowing staff to spend up to eight (8) hours of their workweek volunteering in the community.

Staff are instructed to discuss with their supervisors in advance of providing any volunteer service that may count toward their workweek. This discussion allows the supervisor and staff to review current tasks and responsibilities to ensure that the business needs of the University are being met. If business needs are met, and the supervisor approved the request, staff are encouraged to visit the Pitt Pandemic Service Initiative website to learn about current needs for volunteer service.

Once supervisor approval is obtained, staff may record up to eight (8) hours per workweek on their timecard as hours type “approved absence” with a comment to read: “VOL COVID-19.” Labeling the service in this manner allows the University to accurately track hours spent serving our communities.

Thank you for allowing our staff to volunteer much-needed service as part of the University’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.