Campus Safety Resources

Keeping yourself safe at Pitt is important as you become more familiar with your surroundings around campus. The Pitt Police are always available to answer questions or provide you with a range of on-campus services. You can find all services offered by the Pitt Police on their website, as well as on their For Safety's Sake page. Some essential resources for new employees are listed below:

  • Emergency Contacts: A list of emergency phone numbers on campus and in Pittsburgh.
  • Transportation Safety: Safety tips for lot and garage parking, pedestrians, and Pitt shuttles, as well as contact details for transportation information.
  • Tips for a Safer Campus: Tips to follow on campus, at home, and with University and personal property.
  • Campus Safety: This video covers all aspects of safety at Pitt, including transportation, securing personal belongings, emergency blue lights on campus, and more.

You can also sign up for Pitt's Emergency Notification Service (ENS), which will notify you about any emergencies and safety updates around campus by sending text messages and voicemails straight to your mobile phone or emailing you. Instructions on how to subscribe to ENS alerts and info on personal device safety can be found on the CSSD website.