Faculty Post-Orientation


Health & Welfare Benefits

If you plan to take advantage of our comprehensive benefits package, enrollment is due 31 days from your date of hire. Outside of the initial enrollment period, we will only allow for changes to your coverage during future open enrollment periods or for a qualified status change when the change is made within 60 days of the life event. Questions? Contact a Benefits representative at 412-624-8160 or hr-benque@pitt.edu

Retirement Savings Plan

You may contribute to a retirement savings plan and receive matching contributions from the University. Make your election within the first full month of your employment to be effective the first day of the following month. This election can be made at my.pitt.edu, under My Resources select Human Resources, then select the Retirement Savings Plan Access link. If you do not make your election within your first full month of employment, you will automatically be enrolled at a 3% contribution rate. You have a two month opt-out period to remove this auto-enrollment election of 3% before it is taken out of your paycheck. Learn more.

*Note: Postdoctoral Associates are eligible to contribute monies to a retirement savings account through universal availability that is not matched by the University of Pittsburgh.

Online Instruction

As a new member of the University of Pittsburgh, we encourage you to complete computer-based interactive instruction programs. You may also access these online instructions through my.pitt.edu > Human Resources; links are on the left side of the portal. These instructions must be completed within your provisional period. 

Professional Development

The University offers many options for employees to advance their professional development or further their skill set. Learn more about the Faculty and Staff Development Program (FSDP), technology courses offered through lynda.com and other University educational resources.

Employment Verification & Clearances

Form I-9: Employment Eligibility Verification

If you did not have the supporting documents for the Form I-9 at Orientation, please bring your original form(s) of ID to the Office of Human Resources as soon as possible. The documentation is due within three working days of your date of hire. Failure to produce the supporting documents will result in suspension from work, up to and including termination.

Child Protection Clearances

If you did not have the supporting documentation (such as receipts or results) to complete the three required Child Protection Clearances (PA State Police Request for Criminal Record Check, PA Child Abuse History Clearance, FBI Criminal Background Check, and Employee Disclosure Statement), please bring them to the Office of Human Resources as soon as possible. Failure to produce the supporting documents will result in suspension from work, up to and including termination.

Campus Services & Resources

Emergency Notification System

The University's Emergency Notification Service is used to communicate through text, voice, and email messages as appropriate in the event of an emergency. To subscribe, log in to my.pitt.edu > My Resources > Emergency Notification. The University also has an Emergency Preparedness website, including more useful information on Environmental Health & Safety, Integrated Safety and the Pitt Police. 

Campus Map

Parking & Transportation Services

Visit www.pts.pitt.edu for more information about the parking and transportation options at the University.


You can enroll in direct deposit by visiting our Payroll Department located on the 2nd floor of Craig Hall. All other payroll documents must be completed online on my.pitt.edu. Use the Employee Self-Service option to view your pay statement and complete your Residency Certification and W-4 form.

Panther Central

You can obtain your Panther Card (University photo ID) at Panther Central. Visit Panther Central for more hours of operations and more information about your Panther Card.

Computing Services & Systems Development (CSSD)

CSSD provides computing resources at the University for students, faculty, and staff. Visit technology.pitt.edu to learn about their services.

Orientation Documents: