Panther Walking Route - Stop 8: Parklet near Litchfield Towers

Stop 8: Parklet near Litchfield Towers

Why You're Here

The Litchfield Towers are as iconic to Oakland as the Cathedral of Learning with their unique round shape, located prominently in the neighborhood. All three buildings were constructed and acquired in 1963 and serve as residence halls for approximately 1,850 mostly-first-year students. Towers was named for former Pitt Chancellor Edward Litchfield.

In the architectural plans during construction, the Towers were designated as A, B, and C and the names stuck after construction was completed. Towers A and B contains double-occupancy rooms, while Tower C is single-occupancy.

Sustainability Initiatives

As part of the 2014-15 Sustainable Solutions Competition, the Towers lobby received a number of efficiency upgrades including:

  • Solar window shades
  • Automatic light sensors in the laundry room and fitness centers
  • High-efficiency LED tube lights
  • Dual-flush toilets
  • A new television screen dedicated to sustainability education
Health and Wellness

The Towers lobby includes a fitness center for students. The area surrounding Towers is full of pedestrian walk-ways, bike lanes, green spaces, and restaurants all for boosting your physical health and wellness.

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