Panther Walking Route - Stop 6: Cathedral @ Fifth Avenue

Stop 6: Cathedral @ Fifth Avenue

Why You're Here

So nice, we stopped here twice! At 42 stories and 535 feet, the Cathedral of Learning is the tallest educational building in the western hemisphere (and fourth tallest in the world). The building contains over 2,000 rooms, including 30 Nationality Rooms.

The Cathedral of Learning is a central place on campus for everyone in the Pitt community to study, meet, work, eat, and more. The building is home to many academic departments and the Chancellor's office. The first class was held in the Cathedral of Learning in 1931.

Sustainability Initiatives

In 2015, upgrades were made to the elevators in the building, dramatically increasing energy efficiency.

In 2018, a rain garden was created near Heinz Chapel--the Heinz Memorial Chapel Garden. The area was designed to emulate formal European parterre gardens, which are often paired with the Gothic architecture found in both the Cathedral of Learning and Heinz Chapel. The garden features green space and benches for casual strolls or enjoying a peaceful moment.

Health and Wellness

While the Cathedral of Learning is home to an incredible number of academic pursuits, it also features a variety of opportunities to boost health and wellness:

  • The Cathedral Cafe, located on the ground floor, includings healthy dining options for faculty, staff, and students
  • A group of ambitious Pitt students known as the "Cathy Climbers" regularly climb all 764 steps to get in a powerful workout

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